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for A Jinchuuriki's Destiny

3/19 c7 Slackboy101
UMBRELLA!? The last thing Star Wars needs is Wesker running around!
3/13 c10 hotshot1776
Looking forward to see what happens next
3/2 c1 theostark
Nice plot
2/21 c10 Naru99
Maravilloso capitulo:p , muy buen trabajo
2/22 c10 jonale.fm
Man it still a good update, but ya teasing us with the suspense on dark side/kuybii mode naruto.
2/21 c10 246vili
Damn. Naruto went full on Sith here.
Great chapter, it was worth the wait. Can't wait for the second part of the uprising, and afterwards.

Keep up the good work and stay healthy.
2/19 c10 Look2021
Good Chapter!
2/19 c10 Guest
Awesome chapter man looking forward to part two
2/19 c10 SPark681
Damn, seems Naruto is taking it to the slavers good anyways keep up the great work!
2/19 c10 redmen6blight
Well the slavers fucked up you do not abuse a Jinchuuricki and expect to live. Especially if it happens to hold the strongest of the Nine bijuu that's asking for death.I'm waiting patiently to see just how much karmic justice is about to come crashing down on these unsuspecting slavers they woke the beast afterall.
2/19 c10 Samuel Santillan
I loved!
and I think that Naruto should be a sith, I mean that he is bad, not if not to use the power of the dark side to pretegorize what is important to him, just because he uses the power of the dark side he will not do it bad, only more violent, and powerful, but not bad, he will always be naruto no matter what power he uses.
and Naruto could have a harem with his girlfriend and put Tayuya in it too.
It is only a suggestion if you like to use it, I am glad I will be waiting for the next chapter, thanks for uploading it, take care.
2/19 c10 human dragon
This story is amazing great job my friend :)
Welcome back. Stay safe
2/19 c10 2Aceofspades2255
I will say nicely done. I’m invested. The bit with tayuya was good I’m glad it kicked off! Wanna see more of this dark naruto. He seems out for blood like tulak horde, he’s about to make mother fuckers suffer and I just love it. I hope he’s really really powerful like with lords of old but not a complete douche like they were. Loved the original story can’t wait for more bro!
2/19 c2 tempestguard
Hating the story for destroying a good ninja system just cause of child soldiers, seriously when are they gonna learn the ninja arts when there 17? And if they face off against like the akatsuki or any edo tensei like that then they are just lambs to the slaughter with a skill and experience gab as large as a lake
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