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for Secret Flowers, Sheltered Willows

2/12 c2 8DrYuriMom
This is stunningly good! While it certainly stretches the Ranmaverse into AU territory, that's not a bad thing at all. English speakers have been composing Ranma fanfic for 30 years, more or less. So many stories have been told that finding truly original yet plausible and compelling ideas is a treasure. This story is such a treasure. Placing Nodoka in the Willow World, martial arts style, and then drawing her part-time daughter into that world is poignant and attractive to me. That Akane will then share this world with her best friend (who just happens to be her arranged fiance) makes perfect sense given how naturally you have brought her in. I really like how you have Akane holding up her own since so many writers trope her to death with being a weak fighter despite ample evidence to the contrary in the manga. I am excited beyond words to follow Akane into this telling of the Willow World. Please keep this story alive and be assured that I will be relishing each new morsel with great passion.
8/6/2020 c2 1Lina-Freedom
I have to say, this story was unexpected. I like your writing style and the plot is really interesting. I love this fresh take on the magical girl genre. I hope you will continue this. I would like to see where this goes. I am not really a fan of the split personality Ranma/Risako but I have a feeling that there might be more to it than it seems in the future. The Geisha thing kind of fits for Nodoka. I find Nodoka to be criminally underdeveloped in "Takahashi" Ranma. It is frustrating that while stumbling on this gem of an idea she just used it for a comedy never going for the serious stuff this story would involve.
2/22/2020 c2 8The Keeper of Worlds
...Dear lord at the underlaid skullduggery and mystery of things.
2/10/2020 c2 26Ozzallos
Still an engaging plot. The possession aspect of the outfit reminds me of a traditional sailor moon-esque setup, but turned enough to stand on its own merits. Could be me recovering from surgery, but the combat scene was a bit difficult to follow, or that could be because of the lack of up-front kicking and punching. Also feels like we kind of dumped too much of the mystery in this single chapter, but watching you work it through Risako was fun and there will undoubtedly be more.
2/1/2020 c2 Lasse2731
I can't wait to see how this goes.
I hope we get to see how ranma was introduced to this side of the family
2/1/2020 c2 RadicalErin
I think you've got something, here
1/30/2020 c2 Lukkai
A slight point of critique I have to bring up: When the two are leaving Idomi's mansion, the way it is written with first what's happening described from Akane's view. Then a hard break and again a description of how Akane felt and experienced them leaving the mansion. It does somewhat break the flow of the story for me. It feels a bit as if a part went forgotten before the break and now has to be quickly submitted before we can actually move on.

On the other hand I really enjoyed the dialogues in this one. And it's very intriguing still.
1/29/2020 c2 Terastrasza
Honestly this story doesn't make a lick of sense to me. I read it through hoping there will be some explanation later on, but even when I got one, it still made no sense. Added to that the characters are so OOC that only their names are the same.
1/28/2020 c2 Guest
Wow this is deep but WOW its good!I like all the mystery and all the hints and weird up date soon this is one of the best ranmachan fanficis i have ever read.I cant say how good this is.
1/27/2020 c2 Guest
One thing about Ranma, he think of himself as a guy and would hate ending up being a girl. And you're having his mom forced him to be a geisha. And with his job, it even force him to change his personality into thinking he's a girl that prefers guys? Then he isn't Ranma anymore. Akane should be worrying that the fiance she has, the guy Ranma no longer exists. Their engagement is pretty much over. Akane isn't a lesbian. There's no way she will like Ranma to act all girly.
1/27/2020 c1 13Conna McCanna
oh great Muse, we, your humble readers, doth beseech thee to further enlighten us lowlyy readers
1/23/2020 c1 WillItWork
I wanted to post a review, and a little encouragement. Thanks for sharing! I always enjoy reading your stories. That said, this one is a little strange for me. Maybe I'm missing the references?

Ranma as a ghost busting geisha is… kinda cool, and I like the in character disguise work. More ninja credit, please! However is there a magical girl hostess thing? It seems like two very different concepts.

I like the characterization. Suspicious Akane, Ranma in a role, and her mother having a secret life that doesn't involve the sword are all great concepts.

I'll look forward to see where you take this.
1/5/2020 c1 Lukkai
Well, I'm intrigued. And I am getting a bit of a 100 Tales/Requiem from the Darkness vibe here. Which is a good thing.

Wondering whether those papers lying around on the mansion gardens have any deeper meaning. Feels somewhat strange for you to stressing their presence in the story or for any grounds that posh to be suffering from that kind of litter, if there wasn't something more to them. I guess if you'd have had Akane take a closer look at the one hitting her in the face, we might already have an answer to that. (Charms maybe? Though a library was mentioned, so it might be resulting from activities there as well.)

I also have to mention something about the use of the Tōzai Line though. I guess you created an extension of it into/towards Nerima here, since it's western terminal is actually Nakano station. Which is about half an hour walking distance from even the nearest part of Nerima. And 7km distance from there on would actually put you over a kilometre past Waseda station and pretty much exactly at Kagurazaka instead. Of course if you wanted to get there (or reasonably close) from Nerima proper with currently existing lines, the Yūrakuchō would be a good choice. Even has a possible transfer to the Tōzai Line at Iidabashi, one station east from Kagurazaka. Alternatively there's the Ōedo Line which has a station really close (Ushigome-Kagurazaka), but you'd have to change trains within the same line at Tochomae unless you wanted to ride the full circle around the whole centre of Tōkyō.
Yes, I'm somewhat of a geography geek and I like trains. Sorry about that. ;) It's just that I really like it when someone gets these right in a story. And regularily find myself following a proposed travel line (by train or other means) of a story in Google Earth. (Took me quite a while to find the place of the final fight in Blood Debts or the likely location of the fictitious Furinkan High School in The Return, but find them I did.)
1/5/2020 c1 38Innortal
Curious if this is crossed with a series I don't know about, or a legend I have yet to be exposed to. Well written, and awaiting more.

Thank you.
12/31/2019 c1 26Ozzallos
Well, this is a thing. The high end courtesan ghost-busting using musical instruments is an interesting angle. Onion peeling is going to be the plot of choice, obviously, so i cant wait to get to the other layers. Or depths, as it were. Only thing i can critique is the obvious ranma/akane relationship rift, but without any relationship to actually point to. At this stage, akane could be just a nosy friend if we didnt know better. Of course, beginning is beginning so /shrug. Write moar :)
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