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for The Life and Times of Savil Ashkevron

12/27/2001 c2 5Aerial Bard
Good story, you seemed to capture the Misty style, but I didn't like the integration of Need towards the end. Although I like seeing connections between the Valdemar books, I think that was a little too... optimistic. Plus, I didn't think a person was able to give back Need...
11/24/2001 c2 Van ashke
It's neat that you had Need make a cameo... However, would Need really have let Savil go so easily? Just a thought...
7/11/2001 c2 SLR
Very nice, very nice. Please keep writing! My fav imagery was the "attracted trouble like a dead body does flies", or something to that affect. *g*
6/25/2001 c1 64Junipertree
5/30/2001 c1 Cathan White
I really liked this. It was short, but you really got Savil's character well put across. Plus the fact that I think this character fits QUITE well into what Savil becomes. I really liked the beginning of it and am hoping you write some more. Cheers, Cath
4/14/2001 c1 Unintentional Nightmare
I LOVEd both Wooden Sword and Magic sword, but Im a lazy bum and didn't want to write 2 reviews! Keep up the good work, love it all write more!
2/12/2001 c1 108Rosethorn
Intresting. Please please write more of this!
2/1/2001 c1 phoenixx
wow. this just keeps getting better- more more more!
1/31/2001 c1 phoenixx
wooooooow! this is really good- i'm definately looking forward to the rest (*hint hint*). but isn't it "forst reach"? i'm not sure...
1/11/2001 c1 Bruce Alan Wilson
I haven't the book in front of me, but didn't is say that Savil was 17, not 14, when she packed herself off to Haven?
12/26/2000 c1 Shadow's Dream
These stories sound awfully familiar. How could she break the soul bonding? it was well written though. One thing 'I'v been taking well care of lullaby' doesn't make sense. Glad to help! keep writting
12/25/2000 c1 Shadow's Dream
better! This fits in with what we know. 's good
12/25/2000 c1 8Erik's Angel
Good job. Your stories are original but not unreasonable. I eagerly await more.
12/25/2000 c1 Erik's Angel
Nice story. I'm off to read the next one. One small point: it's Forst Reach not Forest Reach. You might want to fix that.

Otherwise, great job again.
12/22/2000 c1 Darkling1
hm...seems a bit unlikely, but the writing in places is good enough to let that slide. And the formatting on the note is odd. the font's huge. but I really do want to see the rest of this
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