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for The Life and Times of Savil Ashkevron

12/15/2000 c1 11StarKitty
This is good :) I can't wait to see the next part!
12/13/2000 c1 KeroRocks
Good ! Misty could have written that one herself. Hopefully there are more on the way.

Before Mercedes Lackey hear's that people are posting fanfic here about her worlds, for some reason she hates that.

12/13/2000 c1 7Efli
Great. I like how you bought Need into it. My only gripe is the font size on the letter. Hope there's more on the way...
12/12/2000 c1 2Krystal
Wonderful! I really enjoyed how you brought Need into a different story. Savil has a good strong character :) no wonder she was chosen. I can't wait to read the rest! Good work :)
12/11/2000 c1 Dara
What next?
12/11/2000 c1 ten miles til midnight
nifty. smashing. more.
12/11/2000 c1 ten miles til midnight
even better that the first
12/9/2000 c1 Darkling1
the font size for the note was..um...excessively large. But the story was sweet. There will be more to this, right? I don't think that this was completely accurate - didn't she run away before being chosen? but I don'

t care enough not to read more of this...please?
12/9/2000 c1 6Eloria
Series? Series? Yea! Lullaby, cute name for a horse. Do we get to see more of Abigail?
12/9/2000 c1 2Harpergirl16
Good story, a little short though:)
12/9/2000 c1 2Krystal
I'm honored to be the first to say that this was a wonderful piece of wirting. I truly can't wait to read the continuations to this! I noticed one tiny thing though... not that it's really important, but I just wanted to point it out: "Neither Lord Ashkevron or Withen cared" should be "nor" instead of "or". If you ever need help, I'd be glad to. Again, well done and good luck! ^_^
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