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8/19 c24 1eecobeo
Could callum meet with yoda as well as his mother in his dream
8/13 c24 Sean
Update Evolution please
8/13 c24 Spiral-Voltron-Zero0Q1
Holy shit that was awesome!
8/13 c24 1jesus
Awesome work.
8/13 c24 9Thomas Drovin
Welcome back! My word you update quick but at least you explained WHY, just don't rush things will you? I'm VERY good at waiting for updates due to stuff like what you say.

Now for my review...poor Trezac...he did INDEED temporally fall to the Dark Side and he crippled poor Soren and killed most of his armed escort...Claudia is VERY lucky Trezac didn't do anything to her as his friends snapped him out of it.

Rayla does indeed have NO idea what it is to be in poor Trezac's shoes, she has every right to be angry and appauled by the Trezac's behavior. But surely she could see the poor guy was feeling VERY ashamed and distressed at what he did...he does indeed seem to be a troubled soul like Anakin Skywalker once was. Its probably WHY Vader is so interested in him.

Speaking of Darth Vader thanks to Eleven he's been informed of WHAT she's up to and WHERE Trezac is. He's also giving her a 'wake up call' to do her job or she's DEAD, he's not an idiot like Viren. I have a nasty feeling the Dark Lord will be on his way real soon...THEN things get DANGEROUS! So see you next update whenever you can manage it so I can see what happens next! Good Health, Clear Body, Strong Mind!
8/13 c24 354godamora
Wow. Trezac massacring Knights. Very dark.
8/11 c23 quangnguyentran720
Update Evolution
8/11 c23 Ryry-24
I am guessing that the next chapter will be the summit of the all five kingdoms. I wonder how they would react to the inquisitor or maybe even Vader himself.
8/10 c23 Guest
Well I guess it’s up to Rayla to help Trezac incase things gets crazy and possibly tell him how she feels about him
8/10 c23 9Thomas Drovin
Oh no...becasue Callum used Dark Magic to help his friends, it trigged a repressed memory in poor Trezac. The Memory of when Vader destroyed the Jedi...and his supressed anger and rage of that day has bubbled to the surface! THAT is NOT good! Because Trezac is having that flashback and he might succumb to his anger, even for a LITTLE while, it will be FELT by not only Eleven but VADER and possibly the EMPEROR as well! While Eleven is tied up with that idiot Viren she'll no doubt report the fact to Vader OR he'll send in more Inquisitors or worse yet...go HIMSELF.

I dread to see the fall out from this...so see you next chapter to see what happens next! Good Health, Clear Body, Strong Mind!
8/10 c23 Librarian343
Hey, I have an idea, when Callum is in that dream state and learns to connects to the Sky Arcanum, he also meets Master Yoda, who helps Callum be guiding him to the Sky Arcanum and maybe even show him how to connect with the Force as well.
8/10 c23 Spiral-Voltron-Zero0Q1
Is Trezac going to have a berserker moment next chapter?
Because that wpuld be cool
8/10 c23 1keybladelight
Trezac saw a illusions darth vader.
8/10 c23 1jesus
Wonder what’s gonna happen next?
8/10 c23 354godamora
Well crap things are going south fast.
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