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1/19 c14 Captain Imaginat
One Last Anime World For Heroes Of Light:

Anime World: How Not To Summon A Demon Lord.
1/15 c14 Captain Imaginat
Also hope to see all of the HeartBinders Izuku will get from all of those worlds.
1/14 c14 Captain Imaginat
Other Video Game Worlds for Heroes Of Light: Guns, Gore and Cannoli 1 and 2, Castle Of Illusion Staring Mickey Mouse, Crash Bandicoot, BloodBorne, Sam and Max This Time It's Virtual, Nicktoons Unite Series, Fables III, Super Mario, FarCry Series, Klonoa, Sea Of Thieves, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Sunset Overdrive, Danganronpa Series ( including Ultra Despair Girls), American McGee's Alice In Wonderland, Fearmonium, Yakuza, Red Alert Series, Mega Man, Persona Series, GoldenEye Rogue Agent, Penguins Of Madagascar Returns, River City Girls, Alice: Madness Returns, Rayman, Dead Rising, Mafia Video Game Series, Earthworm Jim, Duck Dodgers In The 24 and A Half Century, Aladdin: Nadira's Revenge, No More Heroes, Metroid, Spyro The Dragon, G.I. Joe Operation Blackout, BloodRayne, Dark Souls, Legacy Of Kain, Zombie Army Trilogy and Zombie Army Trilogy 4: Dead War, Larry Boy and The Bad Apple, Bayonetta, Star Fox Series, Dark Souls, The Simpsons Game, FarCry 6, Elder Scroll Series, Batman: Arkham Series, Pajama Sam Series, Medal Of Honor Series, Sniper Elie Series, Sea Of Thieves ( A Pirate's Life), Sea Of Thieves ( Tall Tales), Freddi Fish, Dino Crises, Shantae, Nicktoons Unite Series, Prince Of Persia, Rage 1 and 2, For Honor, Little Big Planet, Senran Kagura ( video game series and anime), Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Video Game Series, The Godfather Vidoe Game and Godfather Part II Video Game, Freedom Planet, Kid Icarus, Xenoblade Chronicles, Monkey Island Video Game Series, Mafia, Brutal Legend, Dishonored, Alan Wake Remastered, Splinter Cell, Kirby, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Lost Odyssey, Legend Of Zelda, Sniper Ghost Warrior Series, Medal Of Honor, Gears Of War Series, SpongeBob SquarePants The Movie Video Game, Looney Tunes Acme Arsenal, BlazeBlue, Shamu Deep Sea Adventures, Life Is Strange 1 and 2, Voodoo Vince, Borderlands, Dark Souls Remastered, DarkStalkers, HyperDimension Neptune, Uncharted, Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Series, L.A. Noire, Watch Dogs, Mass Effect, Devil May Cry, The Shrek Video Game Trilogy, Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil, Saints Row, Little Red Riding Hood Zombie BBQ, Strange Brigade, The Lego Video Game Movie 1 and 2, Putt Putt Franchise, SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom, Touhou Project, Turok 3: Shadow Of Oblivion, Sonic The Hedgehog Series, Fairly OddParents Breaking Da Rules, Marvel Super Hero Squad: Cosmic Combat, Scud: The Disposable Assassin, Teen Titans 2006 Video Game, Zombie Panic In Wonderland, Grim Fandango, Turok: Evolution, Fairly OddParents Shadow Showdown, Transformers Prime The Game, Luigi's Mansion Trilogy, SpongeBob SquarePants Truth Or Square, Turok, Puss N Boots The Video Game, Call Of Juarez Series, Tak and The Power Of Juju, Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear To The Rescue, Grimm Adventures Of Billy and Mandy PS2 Video Game, Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command The Video Game, Transformers War For Cybertron and Transformers Fall Of Cybertron, Star Wars The Force Unleashed and 2, Codename Kids Next Door: Operation V.I.D.E.O Game, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World The Video Game, Toy Story 3 The Vidoe Game.

Other Arcade Game Worlds For Heroes Of Light: Ninja Baseball Man, The Ocean Hunter, Sunset Riders, DeadStorm Pirates, In Case Of Zombies: Doe Of The Dead, Blue's Journey, Dino Stalker, Time Crises Series, The Maze Of The King, Dark Escape 4D, J.J Squawkers, Maximum Force, Metal Slug Series, Vampire Night, Night Hunters, Crypt Killers, World Combat ( Warzaid), XD Dark Ride, Jack JackRabbit, Ninja Assault, Ghost Squad and Ghost Squad Evolution, Violent Storm, Star Wars Trilogy Arcade Game, Gunslinger Stratos, Evil Night, Phantom Breaker, Silent Hill: The Arcade Game, Dino Stalker, Bucky'O'Hare, Razing Storm Arcade Games ( Time Crises 4 and Razing Storm), Wild West C.O.W Boys Moo Mesa, Transformers Human Alliance, Crises Zone, Time Crises: Project Titan, Caladrius, Star Wars Battle Pod, Blade Arcus From Shinning, After Dark Deluxe, Solar Assault, Top Hunter Roddy and Cathy, Terminator 2: The Arcade Game, Steel Gunner 1 and 2, Star Trek: Voyage- The Arcade Game.

Anime Worlds For Heroes Of Light; Gosick, Tokyo Ravens, Arifureta, Freezing, The Asterisk War, Chivalry Of A Failed Knight, Brand New Animal, Sky Wizards Academy, Edens Zero, Serei No Tsukai No Blade Dance, Senran Kagura ( anime and video game series).

Also hope to see all of the Keyblade Formchanges, Shotlocks, Formchanges, Drive Forms, Exclusive and Finisher Attacks, Magic and Commands With Attractions From Theme Parks and Amusement Parks Izuku will get from all of those worlds.
1/14 c14 Captain Imaginat
Silverbits can't wait to see Izuku use strategies and tactics both with and without his Keyblade as well as when facing against cunning, scheming and clever opponents and villains. Silverbits can you have Izuku come up with plans, strategies and tactics to help him battle and defeat enemies and villains alongside his Keyblade.
1/8 c14 Captain Imaginat
You know something Izuku is actually taller than Sora as Izuku is 5'5 and half while Sora is 5'2 meaning Izuku dwarfs Sora.
1/7 c8 12PUBLISH
…finally. Fucking finally! About time I saw a MHA and KH crossover that actually acknowledges that yes, Bakugo would fall to darkness. So many other authors keep acting like he would never fall to darkness and I’m just like “seriously?!”

12/29/2021 c14 Captain Imaginat
SilverBits I hope Izuku is going to use Keyblade Formchanges, Shotlocks, Drive Forms, Formchanges, Exclusive and Finisher Attacks, Command Styles, Magic, Commands With Attractions, Heartbinders and From Amusement Parks and Theme Parks ( HersheyPark, Silver Dollar City, Canada's Wonderland, Kentucky Kingdom, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Walt Disney World, Alton Towers, Frontier City, Knott's Berry Farm, Dollywood, Terra Mitica, Nickelodeon Universe, Phantasialand, Holiday World and Splashing Safari, Pacific Park, Disney's California Adventure, Worlds Of Fun, Thorpe Park, Europa Park, Disneyland, Wild Adventure, Cedar Point, Legoland, Indiana Beach, SeaWorld, Dreamworld, Kings Dominion, IMG World Of Adventure, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, KennyWood, Walibi Belgium, Santa's Village, Dorney Park and WildWater Kingdom, Port Adventura World, SilverWood Theme Park, The Great Escape and Hurricane Harbor, Bush Gardens, Movie Park Germany, Six Flags, Santa's Land, Coney Island ( Luna Park 2010), Coney Island, Morey's Pier, Gardaland, AdventureDome, Lagoon Amusement Park, Knoebels Amusement Park, Shanghai Disneyland, Chessington World Of Adventure, Mount Olympus Water Park and Theme Park, Ferrari World Abu Dabi, Tokyo Disneyland, Kings Island, Warners Bros Movie World, Galaxyland, Beech Bend Amusement Park, Castle Park Amusement Park, La Ronde, California's Great America, Family Kingdom Amusement Park, MotionGate Dubai, AdventureWorld ( United Arab Emirates). Also can you put in Heartbinders and have Izuku use them as well as have Izuku use Flowmotion in battle.
12/26/2021 c14 aria
se pone tan genial espro que no solo encuentren a uraraka y todoroki si no que encuentren a ams estudiantes y alidaos a medida que avancen, idia y los demas aprenderan magia para poder pelear contra la oscuridad eso seria genial
12/17/2021 c14 Captain Imaginat
Spartan1992 Me too I can't wait to see all fo the Keyblade Formchanges, Drive Forms, Shotlocks, Formchanges, Exclusive and Finisher Attacks, Commands Styles, Magic and Commands With Attractions Form Theme Parks and Amusement Parks Midoriya will get and use.
12/17/2021 c14 3Spartan1992
I'm glad you avoided the trope of having the crossover keyblade wielder completely outshine the kh cast
Izuku being more magic based vs physical based Sora keeps things balanced
12/16/2021 c14 Captain Imaginat
Also I'm wondering how Izuku is able to handle all the wacky antics form all of the worlds they're going to will he be able to handle them much better than Ilida would.
12/16/2021 c14 SonicMax
So I'm assuming ochaco is his love interest just like in the show unless it's a side character from one of the other worlds maybe? Probably not. But he needs someone to be a balm to his heart.
12/15/2021 c14 4Firetrail
I really love how you almost perfectly portray Donald and Goofy, both are quirky but mature which makes sense. Both Donald and Goofy have had to raise children (Max and the triplets) and for the most part have been successful, that takes a level of maturity that really isn’t displayed in the games all that well. But at the same time neither is perfect, Goofy isn’t the smartest and Donald is really stubborn, both realistic flaws that they could overcome.
12/15/2021 c14 Captain Imaginat
PokeKing Charizard not to mention all of the shenanigans from all of the Non Disney Animated Worlds and Live Action Disney Worlds and Non Disney Live Action Worlds as well as the Disney Tv Series World and Video Game Worlds and Pixar Worlds. It's really going to be a long month for Ilida hope he doesn't lose his sanity form all the zaniness and antics from every world they are going to.
12/15/2021 c14 1PokeKing Charizard
Wowza! You really did it with this one. Hittin' the feels and tension pretty hard on the truth bombs. Excellent job! I think you really captured Iida well here. He's such a straight laced guy that magic and the abstract concepts of souls and hearts would totally confuse him. Not to mention Aqua's involvement in Izuku's development. I'm looking forward to seeing him pull his hair out with all the wacky Disney shenanigans he's gonna encounter. Tarzan here we come!
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