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for Nekea and Jonas

7/15/2020 c12 26Iniki Melset
I've reread the story and the impact of a weak, abusive husband trying to crush the confidence of an intelligent woman, no doubt because he recognizes he is her inferior in most ways is something I'd seen in the case of one of my fellow students when I was still at university. Fortunately she broke up with him and the effect of her finally freeing herself was incredible. She became a whole new person, cheerful, self-confident, no longer with that beaten expression.

This story was disturbing and yet encouraging; if only all women trapped in such relationships managed to escape and reclaim their lives and their sense of self-worth...
12/24/2019 c1 Iniki Melset
VERY interesting beginning to the story - the way things look (no civilians on Terok Nor, no family members), Gul Dukat is trying for a massive cover-up that strongly reminds me of old, evil times in my adopted country. I'll be anxiously waiting for the continuation...

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