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12/28/2019 c1 1Soul'sPenumbra
Oh my gosh. I loved this. I've never really thought about a TTS/RTA and Harry Potter crossover, but the houses and roles you chose seemed so perfect, right down to Cass being muggle born. I noticed the song lyrics from Eugene and Cass. Realistically, I guess that would seem a bit off in a conversation, but I love all the songs in the series too much to care. The more song lyrics, the better. I don't know if you want critique, but I personally tend to be thrown off when human characters are referred to by something other than their name or pronoun, especially when it's the point-of-view character (eg "dark-haired boy"). It might just be me though. Also, I guess the pacing was a little quick at some points, but that makes sense for this sort of one shot. Overall, it was great. I'm so happy I found it. Oh and also, I actually laughed a little at the idea of Moaning Myrtle and Ruthless Ruth sharing a bathroom. Little details like that are just amazing in this piece.
Sorry for my rambling. I guess that's just a sign of how much I like this.

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