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6h c11 1Emmoria
Ends right before they return to Camelot. At least it not truly a cliff hanger. Lol. Looking forward to the next chapter!
10/17 c1 4cyiusblack
update soon
10/13 c11 HI
I really like this story.
One of my favorite things is that you have Ron believable and in line with how he after in the 1st book. And you have a reason for that.
10/8 c11 Conord8
you're late updating
9/27 c11 darkpegasuzz
Like this story, hope you continue it.
9/26 c11 5midnightsun198
i love rereading this story and hope you come back to it
9/23 c6 WearyCurmudgeon
Combined review for chapters 5 and 6

- Name issue
*That stone is the one holding Excalibur before King Arthur pulled it out of the stone and the sword should be kept at Avalon.*

Just a FYI, but this is incorrect. Caliburn was the sword in the stone, the Sword of Choosing.

Excalibur was a gift/loaner from the Lady of the Lake (Lancelot's foster mother) and was returned to her by Sir Bedivere on Arthur's orders, after he suffered his mortal injury at Camlann.

- Relations
*They had been imprisoned by Taliesin and his mother's aunt Viviane, *

Notices it before in the previous chapter and correcting it just isn't viable considering your plot.

So this is just a generalized FYI in case you ever write anything else to do with the Arthurian Mythos.

This is based on the oldest non-Welsh versions that I know of.

Nimue (the Maiden), Vivienne aka the Lady of the Lake (the Mother) and Morgana Le Fay (the Crone) are sisters and represent the Triune Goddess also seen in Trivia/Diana/Selene or the Morrigan. The three ladies are also, as indicated by Morgana's appellation Fae.

It was Morgause who was Arthur's half sister through Ygraine and the mother of Mordred. Morgana was Morgause's teacher in the same vein that Merlin was to Arthur.

She and Merlin didn't get along as Merlin was a cad and horndog and kept flirting with her sister Nimue and she didn't think him good enough for her baby sister, convinced he'd break her heart. As he eventually did by bedding a barmaid while in a relationship with Nimue, which caused her to imprison him, thus keeping him away from Arthur during the Lancelot and subsequent Mordred mess.

Over the centuries people have ended up conflating Morgana and Morgause, but they were originally two separate individuals.

- It's Alive!
Eh, Harry should've just said that George Lucas based his "The Force" on magic and that he was either a squib or heard about sentient magic from one.

Might've made it easier for her to accept.

- Killing
*... he was meant to lead the next generation by example and showing them that killing wasn't the right way.*

No, he's an idiot who should only subsist on water if he hates killing so much, as the food he eats does require killing. Whether animal or plant, they're alive as well.

Cycle of life and death and all that jazz. And his stupidity is wrecking that balance.

- Lies
*and the relatives of your grandmother are the Blacks and of them there are none suited to take you in," She answered.*

Andromeda Tonks née Black, married a Muggleborn wizard and has a half blood daughter attending the Auror Academy at this time frame.

Arthur Weasley, son of Septimus Weasley and Cedrella Weasley née Black. Married to Molly Weasley née Prewett, who herself may or may not have Black Blood in her veins, as nothing is known of her parents beyond that they're apparently not Ignatius Prewett and Lucretia Prewett née Black. (Possible retcon to validate the Harry/Ginny pairing and not have them too closely related, despite Sirius stating that he's double related to the Weasley brood, when he shows Harry the Black family tapestry. That should mean he's related to them by two differing angles/lines and thus the retcon caused a plot hole..)

Depending upon whether or not Harfang Longbottom and Calidora Longbottom née Black are the in-laws of Augusta Longbottom née Croaker (IIRC), then there's yet another option.

Lastly, although not sure if he's still alive in this timeframe, Marius Black, Lawyer, Squib and great uncle as he's Dorea Potter née Black's brother.

- Fangirls
*face palm*
Damn it Harry, having friendlies in every house will only be beneficial to you in the long run.

So if you can create ties with some of the Neutrals, even if they happen to be girls, then that's a good thing.

(Even more so as Hermione seems to be throwing a bit of a hissy fit over the whole sentient magic and guardian thing, thus reducing her chances of becoming his Missus, so other options do need to be examined. Whether it be Daphne, Tracey, Susan, Hannah, Padma, Su Li, Katie, Fay Dunbar, Tonks, or Fleur to name a few possibilities is irrelevant. Eventually he'll need one, so being polite, friendly and having ties can only be beneficial in the long run.)

- Guilt
I call BS, the LeStranges were caught in the act and they still got a trial. As Chief Warlock it was Dumbledore's duty to see to it that Sirius got a trial and as leader of the Order finding out how many of the members were betrayed by Sirius was also pretty much a requirement of proper leadership.

Yet que nada.

The very fact that Sirius loaned Hagrid (as if Hagrid could keep quiet about that)/his motorbike and didn't just roast them with Fiendfyre is yet another red flag that doesn't add up in the narrative that the Old Wether is giving.

So yeah,I call BS,,especially as Dumbledore did squat to get Sirius his trial in canon after Book 3. Supreme Mugwump was yet another position he held, so he had foreign contacts.

Pretty sure that there would've been a foreign government willing to give the Fudge Administration a PR black eye by giving Sirius a trial as a supposed DE only to subsequently fully exonerate him by way of verita serum and showcasing how shoddily the case was investigated.

Priori incantatum on Sirius' wand and if it had a blasting curse on it or not. Wand not tested for that? Then yet more proof that the British are incompetent and couldn't perform a proper investigation if their lives depended on it.
9/17 c11 6Fenchurch1
I love this! I hope you will be able to write more as I love it when Dumbledore is confounded and Harry has a secret like this. Thank you very much!
9/14 c10 Guest
Hope this becomes a Harry and Ginny pairing and not a Harry and Hermione one. But I do like how you don't have Harry trusting Hermione fully in the books she does not treats Harry all to kindly. BTW I like this , but I love it if becomes a Harry and Ginny story
9/14 c5 Guest
James's Father's name was Fleamont, not Charlus you got that name from the movies right. J K Rawlings said If it's not in the books but in the movies it in or part of cannon .
9/16 c11 conductor2546
very interesting story. Can't wait to read more. Does Harry get Ginny , I hope!
9/14 c11 Ari Petrova
Incredibly interesting story, I'm looking forward to the continuation. I wish the author great inspiration and not leave the male one.
9/5 c11 Jee
Hey you made me so excited to see sirius reaction, please update soon! Xx
8/31 c11 Guest
It's unfortunate that you have put this story on the back burner
8/31 c10 kbnsr
Oh. And I wonder what the Black allegiance to Lord Avalon means for Andromeda, Bellatrix, Narcissa(Draco) and Tonks? We don't know much about Andromeda but it don't think she's that great an Albus supporter, seemed like she wanted(Ted and Tonks) to stay as far away from both him and Voldie. Though idk if iirc. Doesn't she have a Mastery in History? Maybe Harry will ask her to find everything she can on Tom Riddle to try and figure out where the Horcruxes are, that way he doesn't have to rely on Dumbles research like in HBP as it seems he's trying to distance himself more and more and there seems to be conflict building. What about Tonks? Will that be one of those loyalty conflicts where she can't decide between the Order and Harry? What about Narcissa, will she stay out of it all or try and bring Draco with her into the fold? I don't see her abandoning Draco so it might be more based on his character arc. Bellatrix is the most interesting, will it be a case where Harry suddenly has a devoted follower that he knows is cruel and that his good friend Neville hates and has to struggle through the ethics of what to do with her? Will Bellatrix loyalty to Voldie be the result of imperious/mind altering potions/gas lighting (maybe Voldie convinced her he's Lord Avalon)? Will she take on Snape's role as spy now that he is gone but for Harry not Dumbledore? Or is she lost to Black Madness?
What does the DoM think of what's going on? Will they ever be made bigger part of the story?
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