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for Granny Morgaine

4/10 c24 Sket6020
he I really like this storry!<3
I already read it twice!
Are you going to continue the story?
4/5 c24 ijen524
such a fantastic read ... good luck with your writing
4/3 c1 crazyjim87
This story is Fantastic. It is one of my favourites , and one that I find myself drawn towards reading every now and again.
Any chance for a new update on the story ?
It has been close to 3 years .
Even one as simple ,I haven't finished the 4 year or have finished it , or the story is abandoned etc etc etc
3/30 c24 Aslan1980
I wish you would finish this story it is great ad well written
3/22 c24 21keitaya
I would love to see this finished.
A great story, well written and without the usual tropes.
Please come back to this
3/7 c24 Dmorrison
Hopefully you come back to this story soon as it is really good.
3/3 c24 19FantasyLover74
I hope the last few years for you have gone well since we gotta update with the story I have love the new things that you have put out and I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us
3/2 c24 1Amanda0370
Please update soon
2/17 c24 Powerline
Was reading this in one go and when I finished this chapter, my first thought was What? Already through? Darn!

Hope you have the time and inspiration to give us some more of this incredible story.
2/11 c24 deafdragonrider
I am very enjoying this beautiful story. Any word on your process for 4th year and 3rd trip to past?
1/31 c17 docscherer
Also the sheath of Excalibur had magical properties while it changes from legend to legend at minimum it had massive healing properties it was said that the holder of the sheath could not bleed out from any injury they would still survive
1/31 c15 docscherer
Excalibur wasn't the sword in the stone that was caliburn the sword of choosing. Excalibur was granted to Arthur by the lady of the lake.
1/13 c24 Guest
I love this story. Hope you update it soon.
1/11 c22 AlixMM
Just got done reading this again I really enjoy yjis story. Thanks for posting hope to see more soon.
12/28/2023 c24 Shrony
I have honestly never gotten into HP x Camelot before even when I tried, but this story is so good that it has inspired me to try again. I binged it in a couple of days. I wish you the best in writing and figuring out the next part of this story I'll be following to read more updates if you ever continue this story.
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