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3/21/2022 c24 1RoseeQueen
Ahhh I love this story, I can't wait for the next update!
3/19/2022 c15 97531
Now we know the villain's plan. Let's hope the captured bandits will provide some lead on his identity.
3/18/2022 c14 97531
I half-expected the escaped horses to be a part of bandit's plan.
3/17/2022 c13 97531
I wonder if Harry'
3/16/2022 c12 97531
Pleased to see Harry promoted, and Sirius finding his place at Camelot.
3/16/2022 c10 97531
It's a bitter irony that Blacks turned from aiding the guardian to creating problems for him.
3/15/2022 c9 97531
I wonder about Molly's reaction once she learned the person responsible for her brothers death was hiding as her son's pet.
3/15/2022 c8 97531
I still wonder why nobody made the connection between the actions of hippogryffs and Avalon legacy.
3/15/2022 c7 97531
Usually Ron abandons Harry out of jealousy while Hermione remains his staunch supporter. Nice to see the opposite happening.
3/15/2022 c6 97531
Neville taking swordfighting lessons? It's always the quiet ones who surprised you.
3/15/2022 c5 97531
Even if Ton and Hermione won't tell anything, Dumbledore can learn it from their minds.
3/15/2022 c4 97531
I wonder if Harry can return to the past once Voldemort is dead.
3/15/2022 c3 97531
Maybe Harry should learn about the curses when he is back to the future, to determine if the queen was cursed.
3/14/2022 c2 97531
First day at Camelot, and already saved a life. That's Harry Potter and his Saving People Think at work.
3/14/2022 c1 97531
Interesting first chapter.
It always seemed weird to me that Harry wasn't sent to Pomphrey after the Basilisk bite.
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