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11/25/2021 c24 Cassandra30
Awesome! The changes that have been made will definitely show up in the future.
11/25/2021 c23 Cassandra30
Arthur needs to know. Good luck to them. I don't blame Guinevere for her nervousness.
11/25/2021 c22 Cassandra30
What an excellent idea! Arthur needs to know though. The truth always comes out. Usually in the most inconvenient time, places and ways and by the worst people.
11/25/2021 c21 Cassandra30
Harry's performance was superb! He should give something to William to pass through his family line. The healthcare was good as well.
11/25/2021 c20 Cassandra30
Hopefully they question the women as well or question the men about the women.
Ethics about magic and its use! What a novel idea! Harry needs to talk to the Founders plainly explaining what Hogwarts is like now. There might be ways to fix the problem before it begins or for Harry to fix it when he gets back.
11/25/2021 c19 Cassandra30
Harry and Mordred are learning good things. So is Sirius and Sir Gawain.
11/25/2021 c18 Cassandra30
Terrific! Actually Harry should change the future. He has opportunities here to find out what happened and to prevent it. An introduction to the basilisk could prevent it having to be killed in n the future. Also since Mordred is a parselmouth as well. It might be Harry inherited the gift. Mordred and Harry are related through Morgaine after all.
11/25/2021 c17 Cassandra30
Excellent story! Very exciting!
11/25/2021 c24 2adafrog
Good, thanks.
11/23/2021 c24 WearyCurmudgeon
- Secrets
What about the Fidelus with Harry as the Secret Keeper?

That way Mordred can't slip up.

As for what to say in the Modern Era?

What about that Mordred (name change might be prudent to make him more Black like. Corvus, Aries, Apollo, Mars, Uranus/Oeranous, Mercury are some of the rare male astronomical names. And Mercury would be a RWBY wink, as well as fitting with Sirius penchant for pranking as Mercury was a bit of a trickster god) being the son of Regulus.

If Sirius has blood adopted him, then the Black features caused by said adoption would seem to support that notion.

As for the mother.. American First gen maybe? Kept their relationship a secret due to what was expected from his parents. Passed away from illness (something like cancer).

- Hiding
What about using glamours on Guinevere to hide her pregnancy?

That would be yet another layer of security.

They can explain away the additional guard on Guinevere as resulting from the assassination attempt on Harry.

- Offing the Gaunts
Good thing that Morgana talked him out of it, considering that one of the founders of Ilvermorny was a Gaunt on her mother's side.

And that would've led to a lot of butterfly wing flapping if time itself didn't engage in autocorrections as you put it.

(No Terry Boot for instance, as she saved and was the adoptive mother of Webster Boot who's his direct ancestor. The Calderon-Boot family which is a prominent one in MACUSA would never come into being either.)


*At east in this time, ...*

"least" not "east".
11/24/2021 c24 ILoveGeorgeEads
it was great.
11/24/2021 c24 6ElizabethAnneSoph
Omg that was one amazing chapter so many good things have happened during the year in Camelot! I also think it’s the right decision to include Mordred in their planning! And the news of Arthur and Genevieve is wonderful!
Can’t wait to read more! Please please hurry! This has become one of my utmost favourite stories!
11/24/2021 c24 3Yaw613
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much . I really appreciated it and liked it a lot.
11/23/2021 c24 3ObsessedWithHPFanFic
Good chapter and great that the ritual worked. Thanks for sharing!
11/21/2021 c24 EP
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