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for Granny Morgaine

11/8/2021 c1 jarney101
I love this story!
11/7/2021 c23 morgannac64
couldn't put this down. I'm hoping you continue soon.
11/5/2021 c23 AlixMM
So since Sirus adopted Mordred will Sirius be staying in the past now to raise him? Is Sirus actually the one he read aoubt in the Black family history?
This is a great story thank for posting I look forward to reading more.
10/29/2021 c23 Guest
HP/SM: no stars arc, inner's salt, generals live, moon queen bashing, both have crystals
Chaos meddled during the rebirth. Harry and his pen pal Serena always had these weird dreams, which get more vivid as they start learning magic. Neither of them know why the goblins are so helpful but are not questioning it cause the soul containers issue (R formsPluto), the two first transform at 15 but cause of wards it can't be sensed. The glamours don't work on Shingo Naru and Motoki so the inners have no idea why the 3 don't like them until Sere&Endy reveal.
10/29/2021 c23 Guest
MCU: team iron, Wanda/Steve/Nat bashing,
Hydra was horrified by the way carter and Stane treated Howard and tony, this leads to a change in how they deal with their targets enhanced or not. The strike teams are wary of Natasha cause they realized she was emotionally manipulating Clint after she found she place stable in shield, Clint and Tony are friends
10/26/2021 c18 Guest
I'm sure you'll get to it later in the story, but if you do edits - how do you address the differences in modern English and olde English? They were essentially different languages, though that isn't shown in most time travel shows to make it easy on the viewers. It's similar to English speakers in the US vs people in Jamaica or areas of Scotland who use large amounts of English with elements of other languages. Sorry if you address this later or I missed something, I get not wanting to write in older styles, but I love this story and plot holes happen (thanks for addressing the time travel changing things hole - it doesn't have to be a perfect explanation to serve with fiction)
10/28/2021 c23 6ElizabethAnneSoph
Wow good chapter! Very powerful and well written and the part of the explanation of the Avalon magic and belief is well thought out! I hope it works for Arthur and Guinevere to conceive a child during Beltane
Can’t wait for more soon!
10/25/2021 c23 Guest
HP/MLB: Eidetic memory hp, duplication powers, Alya/Alix salt, ablus bashing
Harry was awake for albus evil gloating and Petunia hates the old goat more then she does magic, the fact Harry uses his powers to learn ahead and become a international babysitter is a bonus to her.
Three of Harry's charges are Marinette, Chloe and Lila. Harry goes above and beyond for his charges including teaching them their heritage and how to protect them self's, the 3 have no romantic inclinations to adrien at all alya is delusional to this fact
10/22/2021 c23 Guest
OMG what a chapter. Looks like their plan to leave Camelot worked and that everyone is praying that they will conceive a child. I'm sure Harry did enjoy hearing stories of other Lord while visiting Lord Constantine with Arthur. I'm also sure that the people of Camelot love Harry he has a very good heart and doesn't place himself above anyone. Yeah Mordred now has a real good role model in Sirius and maybe he will be able to go into the present when Harry and Sirius head back for a little while. Can't wait to see what happens next and also what Morgauses and up her sleeve know that some of her plans have been uncovered.
10/22/2021 c23 11Nanchih
Finally caught up. Yep, heavily influenced in this chapter by MZB. I hope you know her background, because it matters. PM me if you want a tip-off.

I like this story. I see a few foreshadowings - Harry's Ring showing both Avalon and Pendragon being pretty obvious. With Fourth Year approaching Harry will need all the magical training he can get. Dumbasadoor is still going to try for the TWT, isn't he? But this time Harry has protectors! Ron isn't going to go crazy. Sirius is free. The butterfly effects are going to add up.

As for Harry being Pendragon Heir? I can see there being many changes, good changes and many babies in the past. But that was 1000 years ago - actually 1500 because you have 'massaged the timelines' a bit for this to work. It is entirely possible for Harry to be the actual Heir in his own time. I wonder who, or which Goblin, will realize what that Ring means?

Am wondering what Sirius is going to do with Mordred when he and Harry have to go back to the future. Could leave him at Avalon? Hogwarts? Taking him to the future seems complicated in many ways. What 6 year old could keep that secret?
10/22/2021 c23 15Leaf Ranger
Very nice. Here's hoping things work for Arthur and Guinevere. *nods* Good chapter.
10/21/2021 c23 ILoveGeorgeEads
it was great.
10/21/2021 c23 SamonIllmantrim
An incredible story, awesome characterizations, and some smooooth scenes. I look forward to the ongoing tales.
10/20/2021 c23 autumngold
Thank you for your wonderful story! I love your incredible new chapter! Thank you for having Harry discover the means for Arthur and Guinevere to conceive their own child. Outstanding update!
10/20/2021 c23 17DS2010
now that was a worth while journey
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