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10/20/2021 c23 autumngold
Thank you for your wonderful story! I love your incredible new chapter! Thank you for having Harry discover the means for Arthur and Guinevere to conceive their own child. Outstanding update!
10/20/2021 c23 17DS2010
now that was a worth while journey
10/20/2021 c23 3Enneas
This is a really good premise but I feel the writing helds it back.
10/18/2021 c23 Guest
You to countinue
10/19/2021 c23 2adafrog
10/17/2021 c23 Nova
Awesome! Get with the baby making!
10/17/2021 c23 Guest
HP/Harlock: Luna's mom had visions and she told the Potter, who prepared a plan with the Goblins. The fact this leads Harry J H Potter in to the less legal part of his heritage accidentally to avoid Molly and Albus's plans. Several years later his family luck kicks in, he gets grabbed while incognito by kidnappers to be used as leverage against the police and other captives who are Ron Hermione and Neville. The criminals shoddy cyber security means the news hacks them and broadcasts the ensuing chaos, cause they just put a hurt Harry in front of 3 of his Griffindor siblings.
10/19/2021 c23 3ObsessedWithHPFanFic
Good chapter and thanks for sharing!
10/17/2021 c23 Ep
10/19/2021 c23 Jostanos
omake: Suddenly, as if the heavens were playing it, a medieval instrumental version of Marvin Gaye's "Let's get it on" begins to play.

*blinks* What? It's what came to my mind after reading the end of the chapter.
*no expression face* Oh.. Like something similar didn't go through yours too. Liars.


I am glad that Mordred has Lord Black as a father now, and that Lady Morgause was grousing about it.
May Lady Morgause still be a nuisance in the future? Perhaps.
May the Beltane consummation result in a child or children? Most definitely. But which? *shrugs*
Once again we will just have to wait and see. ;)

Please continue when you may, my friend, and thank you for a fantastic story that is such a joy to read! *eye smiles*
10/18/2021 c23 godess bubbles
I'm both excited and sad that Arthur and Gwen will be getting a child. I just love the thought of Harry being King on day too much I guess lol. But anyway, I'm excited to see what they have and how the people are going to react!
10/18/2021 c23 Wolfric
Fine chapter. Thanks for writing. W.
10/16/2021 c22 Guest
Gatchaman: A group of galactor goons find an hurt G1 and a unconscious G2, they take them to their base. Joe wakes up to his hurt leader yelling in pain in a evil looking med bay and goes feral, Ken had been given half a sedative to keep him calm and Joe realizing this fact does not help. Katse and the base captain agree calling Dr Nambu is the best thing to do here, the doc was doing a press conference when the duo hacked in to talk to him.
10/18/2021 c23 ARWilliams
Awesome chapter - I cannot wait to see if their success bears fruit, and how Harry and Sirius make it back to the modern times. Great writing!
10/18/2021 c23 PSay
This is great. I am so glad that Sirius was able to adopt Mordred as his son. The boy will grow up with much bettermorals than he would have being raised by Morgause. I look forward to Arthur and Guinevere having a child. Harry will be pleased because he knows he will have to return to the future to right wrongs there. Thanks for writing. ps
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