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for Granny Morgaine

9/19/2021 c22 Leafyeyes417
Kinda sad that Harry had to leave past!Hogwarts, i feel like he would learn a lot more from Salazar. Just curious but how far did he get with his mastery of parselmagic? I’m just wondering how he will progress further if he doesn’t go back to past!Hogwarts.

Thanks for the chapter!
9/19/2021 c22 Jasmine1313
I am loving this chapter! Please update more often, you have such a great mind to create a story like this!
9/19/2021 c22 Wolfric
Fine chapter. Thanks for writing. W.
9/19/2021 c22 2teedub
I totally didn't see this coming. I think it is a fantastic solution.
9/19/2021 c22 PSay
I think this is a great idea. Mordred will have a much better and much happier childhood than he would have with Morgause. she has too many plans that would destroy all the good Arthur had accomplished. I look forward to more of this story. ps
9/19/2021 c22 6Yaw6113
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and liked it a lot.
9/19/2021 c22 Man01
Another great chapter please keep up the fantastic work
9/19/2021 c22 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
9/19/2021 c22 LadyPhoenix68
Oh what a nice trap. Morgause and Preston are called to castle and find out that they can't enter so guards can arrest them for their hostile intentions. They won't know it is coming. It would be nice to see them finally caught or at least forced into hiding since harry has to go back to future.
9/19/2021 c22 Jeswal
How will this work when Sirius goes to the future? I do like the twists and turns. An interesting chapter with lots of interesting progress. My only question is did they undo Harry's house because if he goes to his time and he has 2 houses... that would cause problems.
9/19/2021 c22 4cyiusblack
update soon
9/19/2021 c22 Millie072
Final section very satisfying. Morgaine gets to keep her son with her, Harry still has his 'little brother' and Sirius gains a second 'son'. Is Sirius going to stay in the past? Perhaps Harold will choose the same?Hopefully it all works out. There are still villains aplenty around to cause trouble, so "Granny" shouldn't end too soon. As there were King Harolds in pre-1066 history the name is out there. And wizards are notoriously long lived. Just a weird thought that came floating in out of nowhere. Great chapter, thank you.
9/19/2021 c22 3WhiteElfElder
Does that mean Sirius will have to remain in the past when Harry goes forward to the future again? That is a nice little twist to get Mordred away for those plotting, but how to prove it?
9/19/2021 c22 marlastiano
9/19/2021 c22 Careena1
Thanks for the update! With those measures they could determine those whom are against the royal family and investigate them
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