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8/20/2021 c20 SGAsuperfan496
Fantastic post. I love how Harry and now Sirius move between both worlds/time line. However I do have a question. Harry would "grow up" much faster since he is really living a double life. The changes were touched on with his return to Hogwarts. Just asking NOT complaining or anything negative. Could it be the magic of Avalon?
8/18/2021 c20 highlanderofnephia
You mentioned that there was no potatoes at that time. You might want to change the chapter where you mentioned corn. Corn is also a new word food. Also you had talked about window cleaning spells but in a prior chapter you said there was no windows due to not having glass. Just a few minor things. Can’t wait for more chapters
8/18/2021 c20 DPinAK
Loving the story and characters!
8/16/2021 c19 Octderlue
next please
8/16/2021 c20 Octderlue
can't wait for more
8/16/2021 c20 Octderlue
this is amazing
8/16/2021 c1 Octderlue
this is good
8/16/2021 c1 Octderlue
8/13/2021 c20 bkerrmom1
Love the story and I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter!
8/10/2021 c20 gaul1
Great chapter, enjoying the story thus far, keep up the good work. Does wonder if Harry will eventually go to Avalon, or be able to go in his time. Also was wondering if Harry would be going to the triwizard cup for a day or two before going back to the past again for a while…
8/10/2021 c20 15Leaf Ranger
So the bandits are done with, but Harry and Mordred are at Hogwarts until their employer can e found. Hopefully he can be, as well as Guinivere being cured of the poison.

Keep up the good work!
8/7/2021 c20 just a lone wolf
I hope you continue this story!
8/6/2021 c20 12Esmereilda
all the more reason not to drink XD
8/4/2021 c20 Guest
You to countinue
8/6/2021 c20 3TwinTigerLover
i'm really loving this story. the way your balancing two timelines is quite remarkable. is it wrong of me to be using the images of the knights and such from BBC merlin despite the fact you actually gave a physical description? :P
i look forward to see what happens next. this story has so many layers.
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