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8/1/2021 c20 percabethfamily
awesome! continue with your awesome and brilliant work!
8/1/2021 c20 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
8/1/2021 c20 22Clavyus
Nice chapter. Liked the idea that ethics is important to learning and using magic.
8/1/2021 c20 4Monster King
7/29/2021 c19 WearyCurmudgeon
- HauntingTheNet
You're forgetting the timeframe.

Dolly was '96, this is currently set in summer of '94 and started summer '93 post CoS.

So Morgana's statements were true enough at that point in time.

That things can change, that's a different issue. Maybe the reason why Dolly succeeded and her predecessors didn't is because they stumbled across how to mimic Magic's spark?

(It's time turner reasoning, if you don't know that something has happened, then you can prevent it. VS. It failed before due to lacking the spark, ergo the successes mean that they somehow managed to mimic/create it.)

7/31/2021 c19 LtsHrIt4ThBoyz
This is such a smart and richly woven story; it's an impressive piece of storytelling. Detailing the medieval culture of the Hogwarts Founders both magical and mundane along with the intrigue and "romance" of King Arthur, Camelot, and the "Round Table" is marvelous and captivating! I'm so enjoying this story!

Thank you for sharing!
7/24/2021 c1 HauntingTheNet
Err... is this supposed to be taking place in an alternate universe? Or were you just unfamiliar with the advances in science when you wrote Morgaine's speech to Harry about magic in life? What she told him was completely invalidated here in our universe by science. Humans have done some amazing and frightening things in their endless quest for knowledge - even the act of "playing God" as some have termed it. So you either need to be setting this elsewhere in the expanse of the multiverse, or put in some kind of a note telling readers to imagine that cloning and artificial life creation had not succeeded. ... or remove those lines from her speech.

Because you stated that the reason humanity has been unable to create life is that they lacked the ability to install magic which is crucial to life. Yet cloning is no longer just science fiction but rather a reality. Look up Dolly the Sheep in a search engine among many other successful clones across a gamut of species. It is not even limited to replication either as scientists have even successfully managed to create life in simple celled organisms. They did this using artificial means of mixing chemicals and then stimulating the growth of cells through an impetus. Something which was once thought an impossible dream.

If you honestly had no idea just how much life we humans have created do a search for "creation of life in labs" it will shock you. Practically every animal and bacteria has now been either cloned from donors or created completely artificially using just the building blocks of life. The only taboo at present in our own reality seems to be the human form, and there are even rumors there of unethical scientists taking that last step.
7/24/2021 c19 Celticowl
oh, this has quickly become a new favorite.
I can hardly wait for each chapter. Thanks for the writing and sharing.
7/23/2021 c19 lil-Bear2020
I like your take on time travel and I hope you finish this story.
Thank You
7/18/2021 c19 2adafrog
Good, thanks.
7/18/2021 c19 28CeredwenFlame
I am enjoying this a lot. Please update soon!
7/17/2021 c19 10RevDorothyL
Fascinating story! I'm surprised at the depth of character and how invested I now am in the Camelot end of the timeline, as well as in what might happen 'downstream' in the future as a result of Harry's training in the past and all the relationships he's formed.

Also, little Mordred is adorable and still-new Hogwarts is wonderfully refreshing. :)
7/13/2021 c19 mumphie
Wow - very interesting. So much more to come, too! I hope that they find the cure for Guinevere and are able to change history for the better. I also hope that Morgause goes down! And, that Mordred can learn to be a noble Noble.
Could Hedwig show Harry and Sirius where Camelot is/was when they go to the future? I can see them flying behind her as she shows them. I'm wondering how old Dumbles is reacting to finding Harry gone before he could implement his plans. I don't think Harry would have liked being made to learn to behave with McGonagall. I don't know how he will manage after fourth year. I hope that all his training will help with the tasks in the tournament. Well, hopefully you will be able to keep your mojo going strong. Thanks for the story!
7/13/2021 c14 mumphie
Oh dear, don't know where you are going to take this. There is so much hope that they can turn Mordred around from his nasty destiny. I feel the same way in movie 3 of Star Wars, only Ani kept to the awful destiny. Sigh
7/12/2021 c1 mumphie
Engaging beginning
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