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for Granny Morgaine

7/12/2023 c24 14Zaxxon
Very interesting story
Very nice view of Camelot and worldbuilding.

Would love to see more of this.
6/28/2023 c24 laurahovey04
When will the newer chapters be posted?
6/16/2023 c13 FairyofProtection
I don't trust Morgause. But I think Mordred can turn out good
6/16/2023 c11 FairyofProtection
Oh shut up old fool. Go on to your next great adventure you big creep.
6/16/2023 c9 FairyofProtection
Isn't she also Sirius' Cousin?
6/15/2023 c24 derpdude32
Excellent story, lots of really cool concepts about magic too. Any chance this will be continued somwtime in the near future?
5/16/2023 c23 just a lone wolf
I came to re-read this again, this story is the best fanfic I have ever read! I really hope you will continue it, it just needs and deserves to be told to the end! I hope we can all read the next part soon.
5/14/2023 c24 1RavenSummers29
This is one of the best stories I've ever read! I hope you are still working in it.
4/29/2023 c1 Nova
Wow! Just back to reread and I’m honestly shocked! I can’t believe it’s been a year and a half pretty much since this was updated, hoping your muse bumps back into it, hope you’re doing good!
4/25/2023 c1 just a lone wolf
I have been waiting for a long time and will wait even more if that's what it takes for you to continue this absolutely beautiful story.
4/24/2023 c24 amgcat
any updates on this story
4/17/2023 c5 Uzu6
Una historia genial! Espero que puedas actualizar nuevamente
4/16/2023 c24 Bethany72
great story I hope you are finished soon.
4/16/2023 c23 SGAsuperfan496
I hope at some point you will be able to come back to this story. It's unique and I'd love to see where you may take this. I'm really not nagging just hoping.
4/2/2023 c24 freja3158
is this great story being continued or is it just on indefinite pause?
really want to know what happens next...!
I hope you didn't lose inspiration :)
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