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for Granny Morgaine

3/22/2023 c24 1Vanipraveen
lovely story line... please continue
3/11/2023 c24 Guest
This is an amazing story. Your design of the characters is well crafted. Having Sirius adopt Mordred is a good twist. I look forward the the rest of the story.
3/2/2023 c24 MommaMel
Please please come back to this story.
2/21/2023 c24 apls79
This is a great story! I look forward to you continuing it.
2/11/2023 c24 6redheadfaerie
omg i should not havr started reading this knowing it wasnt finished but i did and i love it and ive never seen anything like it and i hope that while its been a cpuple years thay the muses and time come to let you write more of it
2/9/2023 c24 dfpepper50
White Angel,
I have to thank you for the wonderful story that is "Granny Morgaine". The premise is so very different from any other story I read over the last 20 years, and presents a new twist on the 'Harry Potter gets the training he must have' genre.

I will happily await the time when you start posting the next part.
2/2/2023 c24 mattcun
I can't wait to see the next chapter
1/22/2023 c24 Daemoniorum
Honestly love this story and would like to see it continued. Wondering how the past would affect the future however. Arthur having a legitimate child would make a big difference
1/18/2023 c24 Chris
Magnificent story!

A true joy. You have a wonderful imagination and an exquisite writing style.

Thank you .
1/19/2023 c24 1Darkelf00
Love this story. Please tell me and your loyal readers that you are going to finish this. I really love the idea that Harry and Sirius aren't using their 'advanced' magic to get things done like travelling around.
1/11/2023 c2 LoveGoodBooks86
Hi I’m really enjoying this story so far and I hope you complete it soon!
1/2/2023 c24 loleo
I really can't wait to read new updates. You wrote a seriously amazing story and I'm only a little bit sad that the story is not ended.
Harry's character is so finely tuned, it is a joy to read. Thank you also for all the work with others wonderful characters.
1/1/2023 c24 perlcat45
I am really enjoying this, hope you find the time to finish it!
12/31/2022 c24 crazyjim87
Happy new year my friend.
I love the story and I can't help but ask , I'd there any news to the update and continuance of this wonderful masterpiece?
12/24/2022 c24 Clark959
Have enjoyed reading this, looking forward to reading the next update.
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