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for As Long As You're Mine

4/9 c1 1Savageverse
You need to take out the random sentences
9/30/2020 c6 Cristina
Espero que vocĂȘ continue, estou adorando!
4/5/2020 c6 19GleeK79
Hi, great story, I was just wounding if you will be updating again soon? Thanks. Again, GREAT STORY!
3/14/2020 c6 Guest
Great chapter
3/9/2020 c5 Guest
Love protective, mama bear Shelby
3/9/2020 c5 mrs.addiecullen
Yay I'm so happy Rachel finally is telling her about Lima high school. Maybe she can finally decide to go to Carmel and neet and become friends with Jesse before falling in love with him
3/6/2020 c4 Guest
Great chapter.
2/25/2020 c3 Guest
Great chapter
2/26/2020 c3 mrs.addiecullen
I'm glad for an update but I never expected them to be in the run. Oh wow. I really can't wait to see what else happens in this story. They way Shelby and Rachel relationship is developing is so Great. Can not wait for the next update
2/23/2020 c2 Lynzy80
Love Shelby and Rachel stories
2/23/2020 c2 Kelly
I've watched this play out for a while but haven't said anything because I feel any issues should be between you and the other author, but I feel like I have to say something here.

I'm also from the UK, and Caroline Flack's situation was vastly different to this one. If you can't handle criticism then you have the option to stop posting work online, unfortunately she had no way to escape the media hounding her.

I feel like it's a very dirty thing to do to try and use someone else's trauma to gain sympathy, and I'm not sure I'm comfortable with you holding the threat of 'if you're not nice to me I might commit suicide' over the heads of your readers. If reviews on your fic are genuinely making you feel that bad then please, take a step back from the internet, take a break from posting and seek some professional help, either from your GP or one of the many mental health charities in the UK (the numbers for both mind and the samaritans are easily available both online and on social media).

However, in the spirit of #bekind have you checked in with the other author caught up in this? I can only assume nobody has stated which fic because it is obvious to anyone who has read both fics, or who read the note from the other author (and as you've decided to change your fic I can only assume you know it too) That other author is also a person and from the length of that fic I assume they enjoyed writing just like you say you do, yet they have seemingly abandoned their fic over all this. Maybe you should check in with them and see how they're feeling about this situation and try and work something out between the two of you.

I hope you manage to work something out and I look forward to seeing where you take this fic im the future, although, like a previous reviewer, I would second the suggestion of getting a beta reader, there were a couple of lines in there that didn't really make sense in the context of the story and a beta reader would help you spot things like that before you posted.
2/22/2020 c2 Guest
I read the story the first time around and didn't think it was that similar. The idea itself has been used before, but that's fine. it's your interpretation. Don't let the comments get to you, hard as it is. As long as you're enjoying it, write and have fun.

great chapter.
2/22/2020 c2 Oggreengrlx
No hate here. Just to let you know the author you are taking too much inspiration from has worked their heart out writing their fic, it's very clear that they are now becoming discontent with writing their own because your fic echos theirs too much and they've spent years creating that fic and It hurts that they don't want to write it anymore. Please come up with your own ideas it'll be great to see your fic with your own words and own ideas. :)
2/22/2020 c2 1BlackWidowAndCapRule
love it! update soon, please! :)
2/21/2020 c1 Elphieboo
Omfg I love this fic so much plz update soon! :-)
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