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for Trails of the Force

5/10 c7 Andhiarasy
I eagerly await the next chapter for this amazing fanfiction.
4/6 c7 csmeelee
Cold Steel 3 is out now, I hope that you finish every route so that you understand the characters better and apply it to this story. Please don't lose interest in it and continue, even if it takes long.
4/4 c7 Lovnag
Well, that was quite alright. I guess I will be waiting for more of this.
4/4 c5 Lovnag
You know, he really could just make it all easier for himself and his family if he just disclosed his identity. I guess you could say Rean's issues prevent him from doing it, I can see that happening.
4/4 c4 Lovnag
He isn't really all that good at this "Mysterious Hero in Disguise" thing, is he? Well, I guess Rean be Rean.
3/6 c7 Verritas
I totally ship Rean x Crow here XD. Hope you update soon!
1/31 c7 Killer Hamster
Just binge read this story. And it is pretty great.

Wonder what your future plans for Rean regarding the Civil War and the World War later on. Is Valimar going to bond with him or is the Divine Knight going to Elise? If you go that route, maybe you could have Rean get El Prado instead? Of course it will require him going to Crossbell. And partly I really loathe Rufus Albarea.
1/27 c7 10Keith 'AzureGrimoire' Kurogane
Interesting, and seeing the Butterflies this makes...
Also, Emma being able to sense Rean is a nice touch since the Force is basically Space Magic...
I can't wait for Rean to go all out.
1/27 c1 PenguinSoldier1
Very awesome. Thanks for writing. Also, feel obligated to say you deserve more recognition. Your writing is better than 99% of the stuff people endeavor to write on this site lol
1/25 c6 1Ruberforumfree
And the fact that the fic is rated only Fiction T instead of M broke my heart a little bit :'( I can't hope to see any sexy action (smut) in the fic
1/25 c3 Ruberforumfree
I really hope in this fic Rean will kill his enemies and not just knock them out like in the game
1/25 c7 Verritas
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. This finally updated again! I'm so excited to read more of this. I'm really glad you didn't make Rean a student as it wouldn't make sense in this context. I also like the fact that you started from the events of Heimdall instead of the beginning. The combat scenes in this fic are amazing! The description of the forms really help in visualizing the fight. Hope to read more of this and your other fics!
12/30/2019 c2 2LightSpecter141
I was wondering if you are open to giving Elise a purple-bladed lightsaber.
12/27/2019 c2 TheWitchHunt
Very interesting so far, I assume Elise will be the one going off to thors and rean will doing his own thing probably related to ourobourus or the ILF. How is Osbourne after reacting to the fact that his son is probably dead?
Looking forward to more.
12/25/2019 c2 10Keith 'AzureGrimoire' Kurogane
Nicely done.
Looking forward for more chapters.
Though I ask, who will be Rean's love interest?
(Emma or Laura... or both!)

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