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for Mistletoe, Mischief, and the Mystic Moon

12/27/2019 c1 87Konstantya
"I don't make the rules" - OHOHOHO, Hitomi, I love you.

And the Folken/Eries kiss to the hand! Arguably bending the rules there a tad, Folken, but I'll give it a pass since it's so in-character (and still HOTT in its own, restrained way).

And of course the Merlandau at the end ("final victims," pfft). As cute as the overall fic and pairings are, I have to say, what I might like most is the idea of Hitomi going around as this sort of agent of love and chaos, trying to get all these characters together. It isn't in the text, but I can just see her dusting off her hands at the end with that "My work here is done" line. XD

Anyway, this was a delight, and a great surprise to see from you. Thanks for writing and sharing it!

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