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7/17/2021 c28 ASKreader
Thank you.
7/7/2021 c28 2Gabilian
To be honest, there are a lot of things that I don't like about this story. The Ron and Dumbledore bashing (yes, it is bashing), Harry's numerous murders (in your first story I said that he did not commit murder when he killed Quirrell, but he made up for it in this story), the whole idea of a dragon becoming a girl with savant magical powers. Your strange fascination with food which often derailed the story for long stretches. And of course the excessively long, indulgent and unnecessary author's notes (I know some people like AN's; I'm not one of them).

Yet after all that, I rather liked the story. The interaction among the long list of characters is the strength of the story, and even though you have a lot of characters, I don't feel like there are too many. The idea of Harry accessing a different type of magic that he developed on his own due to the trials of his childhood is great. I highly value creativity, and you have that in droves. You are willing to take chances with your writing and more often than not they work out.

I'm probably not in the normal demographic of your readers, as I have no particular interest in RPG, guns, food or excessive violence. Yet you managed to retain my interest throughout and earned a thumbs up. Good luck on the third story, and I am glad to hear that you are basically leaving canon behind. We really don't need more Triwizard Tournament scenes in fanfiction, although I recognize the possibilities of Harry fighting the dragon in the first task. Liv would be able to give him some pointers. G.
6/25/2021 c10 2wsbenge
Dobby's death is strictly in character. Dumbledore and Snape could be on the slippery edge.
5/16/2021 c27 19John Tannius
The time travel used in the potterverse seems to be the type where they time travel because they've already traveled. It's already set in space-time so events fall in such a way that they have to use the time-turner. That still doesn't remove the possibility of alternate timelines, but does seemingly prevent the destruction of your current/future self since it creates a nice and neat time loop.
5/8/2021 c29 Lu Bright
I would just like to say that you are, without a doubt, a fantastic writer. I finished your first book yesterday, and the second today-both of which, were phenomenal. Thank you, for your dedication and your commitment towards this series. Normally, I am one for romance but your summary had peeled my interest. And thus, I was pleasantly surprised by how efficiently you had caught my interest in book one. My only complaint would be the first chapter in book one when you kept referencing Hagrid, the keeper of keys. It was funny at first but the repetition annoyed me to the point where I almost abandoned the story until you had Harry speak. I am so happy I didn’t, and gave this series a chance. I adore how you presented Harry, he was just so funny! Alas, I cannot convey in words how well you have developed your characters throughout your stories and am looking foreword to book three.
Have a wonderful day, stay safe, and don’t be afraid to message me if you need help with anything and or ideas for the story.
5/2/2021 c1 darth Queidus
My Mom worked at a restaurant around that time and she says the cooks and the dish washers weren't tipped. Was the system diferent in other parts of the United States?
4/29/2021 c21 5BerserkLittleCook
"Hit it with something heavy until it stops moving."
Preach it, sister
4/29/2021 c14 BerserkLittleCook
Snape actually has a pretty good cover as a double agent. He was originally a bad guy, murdered a bunch of people, 'tricked' the good side into trusting him, hates HP with every fiber of his being, blames Dumbledore for not protecting Lilly, invented a couple of dark spells (with is much more impressive in-cannon), provides valuable information and services in undermining the good side and is overall one of the most competent bad guys.
He weakened HP's mind for V to manipulate.
He killed freaking Dumbledore.
He provided V with accurate information on when HP is moving out of Privett Drive.
He secured the Sword of Gryffindor in Gringotts so it can't be used on the Horcruxes (false but V doesn't know)
4/29/2021 c24 Zerak
I thought Harry always had his tongues spell active.
4/28/2021 c12 BerserkLittleCook
Oh, so this is an anime. Silly me, should've realised earlier *facepalm*
4/28/2021 c7 BerserkLittleCook
"Best friend"? Is it not "only friend" anymore?
4/28/2021 c4 BerserkLittleCook
"I'm not insulting you, I'm simply stating facts,"
4/24/2021 c21 Zerak
Why did he say he doesn’t have a fortune? I’d it info control? Because he has a lot of gold.
4/22/2021 c27 7theaceoffire
... not killing Ginny is something I'm happy about was not expecting, but ignoring a shadowy hand wrapped around her brain after knowing it is probably related to his immortal enemy?

It feels really out of character for him to ignore a serious threat like this.
4/17/2021 c14 48shiro-wolfman-k
One of the mayor changes in the movies, is Snape as a person.

Alan Rickman HATED Snape, in fact so much that Rowling had to spoil the ending of the series just so he would remain as the actor of the character, which she adored him for.

Snape and Lily's relationship was already going downhill in the books.

The movies made Snape a poor victim of the Marauders, he was merely misunderstood... closer to how Harry is than anyone else. When in reality, he was also a bully and a much dangerous one, because he was vicious in the retaliations, he aimed to inflict pain, maim or destroy. He even created a cutting curse that only he would know how to fix... as a student.

Lily had friends outside Snape, he wasn't HER ONLY FRIEND; she had girlfriends, and said friends were routinely abused, attacked and bullied by Snape AND his circle of friends all Death Eaters wannabe that later ended up as inner circle. Lily was "ignored" mostly because Snape claimed her as his. (This goes even when he fully joined the Death Eaters, he asked Voldemort to not kill her because she was his, then he got cold feet and went to Dumbledore who was actually appalled and disgusted when he deducted what he actually wanted initially…)

Snape in the movies is made to be a tragic hero, that loved Lily so much that he mourned her death ever since, and never gave up on her, true love apparently.
In the books, he was an obsessive man that took did not like that the female he has marked as “his” … doesn’t reciprocate. He’s the kind of man that doesn’t take a “no…” very well. While James is currently lambasted by the fandom for being a horrible person, it’s funny and quite ironic, because of all people in that era, the only one to actually grown up was him, which was probably why Lily choose him.

Sirius, Remus, Snape and Peter never got over the characteristics that defined them as kids, they never got over themselves, never matured, never changed.

All of them remained the same all along.

Sirius never took things seriously, and of all of them, he was the most vicious of them all due to his short temper and vengeful persona product of the abuse from his family. He was only a child alongside James, and that was the problem, he always wanted to be a child, to have fun and run away from the dreadful life he had. James was Sirius escapism, and never even to the day he died, took things seriously, his temper and vengeful persona always controlling his every action, he died a man-child, unable to see the consequences of his actions.

Remus was a raised a victim, he always felt pity for himself due to his condition and never got over it, he constantly punished himself over his condition, to the point that he kept constantly fleeing and putting the blame for everything going wrong in his life to his condition. He also, never took responsibility seriously, in fact, like Sirius, as soon as there was a responsibility put upon him, he quailed, he even went as far as to abandon his pregnant wife… because he was scared of the responsibility that entailed only to be told off by Harry. He died before he could even begin to live his darned life without the “excuse” his condition has turned out to be…

Peter was always envious of his friends, he was opportunistic and a coward to the bone, he had potential to be more. But he always felt less than his friends… He would always side with whom he thought would win or give him benefits… which was why Voldemort gave him that hand, the man saw through Peter, he knew that as soon as the opportunity presented itself, if there was a chance to turn back into “the light” if they seemed to be winning or had a change of heart, the hand would then, kill him and deny the traitor/turncoat to live any longer… Which was what happened in the books as the movies omitted that scene because it was… “too grisly” (Says the movie series which burned a man to death while he screamed in extreme detail too… in the first movie).

Snape was an obsessive boy from an abusive family (father), that got a crush on Lily because unlike other children, she didn’t run away from him. (He’s rather unpleasant, physically speaking in the books). He deemed Lily “his”, and never got over it. Not even when the girl clearly showed that she wasn’t interested, romantically speaking. Their friendship begins to deteriorate when Lily finally notices that his “protection” is only applied to her, he does nothing to stop his friends from abusing and terrorizing her friends and other people. The “Mudblood” incident was simply, the last straw in an already deteriorating relationship were she finally noticed that her friend isn’t a pleasant person at all. (And that their friendship and her safety came attached with her obeisance and acknowledgment of his claim over her).

He’s literally the kind of man to utter: “If I can’t have you, no one will!” before he kills the woman he “loves…”

James of all of them, grew up enough to stop thinking of himself first, stopped being a brat, even went as far as to save Snape from being murdered by a transformed Lupin, something that Sirius concocted when he noticed that Snape was spying on them. James strongly disapproved of this, because it wasn’t a prank, it was an attempted murder and it would’ve destroyed Remus… heck he learned to put others well-being over his, to the point of attempting to delay Voldemort without a wand, knowing he was going to be killed for doing so…

And funnily, in the fandom, despite all of this, James is heralded a monster while Snape is claimed an unsung hero, and who Lily should’ve ended up with.

Funny, isn’t it?
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