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7/22/2022 c6 bookreader2062
So what hapened to the other
5 thousand galleons ? She said 25 thousand Harry only gave her 20,000 galleons or did you notice the 5,000 galleons lower invyour story. I good reader catches mistakes.
6/11/2022 c19 Acheron Skolfruund
"Keep your friends rich, your enemies rich and wait to see which is which." That was an Age of Ultron reference, wasn't it Squidward?
6/11/2022 c7 Acheron Skolfruund
Gods, when I saw you mention Radio Shack, I had one of those "Christ-I'm-getting-old" moments. I turn twenty later this year, I'M TOO YOUNG FOR THIS CRAP!
5/20/2022 c11 gremlin914
I love Dia, absolutely and completely. Fantastic work.
5/17/2022 c10 1Player4o6
Damn…. I really wanted to enjoy this but even I cannot stomach a death like Dobby’s that… I dunno… unimportant?
4/11/2022 c24 primalparadox
So you've written a book called physical adept about a guy that isn't.
All you've really changed is giving Harry a weaker magic system that's OOC and a stronger personality. Also better friends. I spose this would still be a good read but I can't get past the title and lack of anything to back it up. It's nothing against your writing as this is well written and a good book, but it's in no way about a physical adept. Which is driving me nuts so I'm out, thanks for the read o/
3/23/2022 c7 83Tigger83
I enjoyed most of the first book. I was really interested how the HP world would react to the authors version of Harry and his magic. When book one ended we were left with a Harry that was preparing for a war with Voldemort. 8 chapters into book two and the plot feels like its stalled. I get the impression the author isn't interested in the HP world and just used the setting for character names. I might give the story a couple more chapters to see if the plot kicks into gear again but despite the decent writing ability of the author the second book has been a slog to get through.
3/23/2022 c10 Jrb1
why you kill Dobby Dobby is good elf...
3/21/2022 c10 tomascatts
Fuck this! Bye
3/21/2022 c8 tomascatts
At this point stoner Neville is the only reason I'm sticking with this. That and I really want to see Harry meet Lockhart. All bets are off though if Harry doesn't free Dobby.
3/20/2022 c1 tomascatts
The bit about undercover cops having to tell you their cops if you ask is just not true. They can lie and they do lie, and it is not entrapment.
2/10/2022 c20 elixirmaster
It's always annoying to see Lockhart be that far gone, mainly because it makes sense.. though, why did he not give a fuck about scabbers being a person, as if it was none of his business, but care here?
2/9/2022 c10 elixirmaster
Liv doesn't fuck around. rip dobby
1/27/2022 c20 3Writing dreams into stories
1/23/2022 c28 Mastersgtjames
I feel like the MC is not upset enough about Neville apparently having loose lips, sharing his secrets. Clearly, the MC was INSTANTLY proven correct about not trusting Neville with them.
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