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for All I Want For Christmas Is A Quileute Wolf!

5/25 c1 3Carchee
Yoooo Beth's! First time I've seen it in a fanfic! It's like the only thing worth dealing with the hellscape that is Seattle traffic. Fun story, friend!
4/29 c1 Robin.D
OMG I loved her prayers LoL :,-):,-) that was really good loved it :-):-):-):-)
3/9 c1 Jadeorion
I adore this the prayer was hilarious
2/13 c1 mamawolfgirl
Omg, this is such a cute story, and Bella is hilarious but so is he enjoying her sarcasm. Just a gem!
1/7 c1 1tinac
This is great. Fun and interesting.
1/6 c1 34Lucyferina
Loved it:)
11/27/2020 c1 Elisabeth123
11/10/2020 c1 FatesaBytch
Absolutely loved this. I want a Quileute Wolf for Christmas too! Except, can I have Paul instead?

Bella's 'praying' was the funniest thing I have read in a long time! Loved it.
10/26/2020 c1 aussiegal79
Really loved this story! You gave them both personality which they had been lacking! And in a great, fun way!

Thank you for sharing you're work with us!
10/20/2020 c1 Fire Dolphin
This was really cute!
8/25/2020 c1 Guest
3/6/2020 c1 AshleyStewart09
This was very good
2/26/2020 c1 6MissyMoeDoe
I love this. OMG It's so good. It's been a minute since a piece has made me actually truly laugh out loud but her prayers got me. This is great.
2/11/2020 c1 2Kemq
great story
2/9/2020 c1 Babysis64
wow this was a good one shot chapter on Sam and Bella. Glad that they aren't in Forks no more or La Push right. Glad that Sam has an imprint and no one would know about it unless they let the other wolves know right.
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