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5/22 c1 12Percie Jean
I just recently got into the Hadestown CR (I know, late to the game like usual), and I have to say that you really captured a lot of the conflicting emotions and the overall feel of the different characters' voices here. The juxtaposition of Eurydice & Orpheus' unhappiness next to Persephone & Hades' happiness is a really poignant twist showing how the tables have turned, and I also liked how you characterized the sisterly bond between Eurydice and Persephone. Just like the source material, this one is a sad story, but still worth reading/telling! Well done. :)
12/29/2019 c1 12020FailedTheVibeCheck
it took a turn I was not expecting, but good job! I got so excited when I saw you wrote a Hadestown story!
But why do you hate Eurydice and the Fates? They're on the top of my favorite list.

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