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for A Christmas Liar

4/23 c1 1Nephthys13
3/3 c1 122MoonlightBushido
I would so love a follow up to this one shot.
2/22 c1 mirami03
I love that Marinette and Adrien are working together and that everything is so planed
2/1 c1 Opalwing
I really like how this story brings Mari and Adrian closer together. It’s almost like he’s purposefully trying to get closer and Mari doesn’t even notice him pulling her in
1/9 c1 3Nampayo
I think this has got to be the most beautiful and non dramatic Lila salt fic I have ever read. Very nicely done.
8/7/2020 c1 1Kkcats
I like it.
And it's well-thought through!
7/15/2020 c1 queerymiracle
Oh, I loved this! It's actually so well thought out.
6/30/2020 c1 44uwuxide
Me encantó
6/28/2020 c1 lilmymyshem
I respect and love this fic so much. Its quite real and accurate in its potrayals of the canon cast rather than overflanderization. I love how every character was treated with respect and not overly ridiculous and it makes sense in how Lila was proven to be trying to swindle money and was constantly lying about important matters. You even shed light on how Lila got away with what she did and the take down of her was wonderful.
5/30/2020 c1 14Thisisfunwhattooksolong

OK, so I came here looking for an Aurore/Marinette friendship fic and despite the summary here making me think that's not this I read it anyway on the off chance. And I guess I've found one, bundled into a great Christmas story. You have a superb eye for picking the right detail which gave me a strong feel for the characters despite not having the remotest clue who Lila is* and wrapped it up in good cheer.

I liked seeing Marinette attempt to stop her classmates from becoming too suckered into the fraudulent charity while Adrien offered advice. I note that Marinette was not a nervous wreck but it's possible (indeed likely) that she got over that and I just missed that episode. Besides which I suspect the jitters were in large part because of Alya's attempt to push her into asking him out - she had no problem with addressing him back when she thought he was Chloe Mk.2. Point is, I don't mind that it's missing.

And I feel for Aurore on the microwave thing. Until you've been putting something in and had someone else's baked bean juice drip down onto your hands you have not been truly disgusted.

So I liked reading about them organise their fundraiser while waging their campaign against the evils of Lila. This wasn't a foe they could fight against as Ladybug and Chat Noir and it was fun to see them lock horns against her. I could feel Marinette's frustration with Alya as Lila played her like a fiddle, and her frustration with her teacher for actually believing it (though after years of dealing with Chloe should she be surprised?).

Also, I was pleased to see that even though Alya and the others were at odds with Marinette over Lila she wasn't entirely abandoned and Aurore was willing to step in. As them being friends was what I'd hoped for on clicking this story that probably doesn't surprise you but I wasn't expecting her and Adrien to be in every way that matters her Only friends, and it was good that unlike in so many fanfics in so many fandoms someone putting a wedge between her and her classmates does not leave her completely alone and despondent (those stories go one of two ways depending on genre, either a sad slide into suicide if it's a tragedy or an 'A God Am I' fic if it isn't - one is not to my taste and the other is near-universally terrible).

If I might be allowed one issue with this story though, it's that I feel it ended one scene too early. The (non-contested) themes of Christmas include cheer, gifts and forgiveness, and while the fundraiser has provided for the first two the third is lacking. Not Lila obviously - one should seek to make amends before being forgiven and I don't think she would - but Alya and the others? That I kind of want to see.

* I've somehow managed to see the same dozen or so episodes about 40 times and the others never, so while I know that certain characters exist because I've seen them advertised in toy catalogues I've no idea what they're actually like.

Oh, and I think 'and she had head Sameul- another member of the student council' is supposed to say 'heard' but everyone could make that mistake.

5/11/2020 c1 violet lilaccs
2/20/2020 c1 12marketeerbubbles
Karma is a wonderful thing, even in fiction.
2/7/2020 c1 1geekqueen2010
I freaking love Lila comuppance stories! AND Adrien & Marinette seem closer than usual! Not a single bit of stuttering from Marinette at all!
1/6/2020 c1 3blackangel365
That was awesome! I feel like I have read most of the lila is exposed or lila salt fanfics. This was amazing for a one shot.

Any chance of more of these coming out?
1/3/2020 c1 22leafgreenflower
This is cute. I love Adrien actually being supportive, and Marinette being so darn competent (which she often doesn't get to be in fanfics). It's a great story, thanks for writing it!
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