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4/18 c1 29Annber03
Finally getting a chance to read this one! Perfect timing, too, as I just rewatched this episode earlier. I agree with you that the balcony moment in this episode would've made for a great opportunity for them to confess their love, too (and on that note, it had me realizing they seem to have a bit of a thing about balconies, with this episode and "Something Borrowed...". Hm). The tension between them in that moment is just so palpable-I actually remember seeing an ad for this episode way back when it originally aired where they even made it seem like this was going to be THE confession moment!

Had it happened, though, I can totally see it playing out very similar to how you've written it here. I like that Daphne's realization isn't just that she's attracted to Niles, too, but that she's had an interest in him for some time now. I've got my own theories about when she might've started to like him, and this story has me curious how far back in time she's going, too. I also like that Frasier's voice/advice randomly pops into her head there, because of course it would :p. But I also like that she does take those words of his to heart.

I also like her reasoning for why she wanted Niles to confess first. I feel she was thinking similar things in "Something Borrowed...", so it's fitting that in both canon and here he's still the first one to express his feelings. Especially considering how long he's loved her.

As for Niles, love how you write him here, too. His nervousness over figuring out how to broach the subject of the gift mix-up (and wanting to make sure they would remain friends-aw). His thoughts about how beautiful Daphne looks, and realizing that no, he is very much NOT over her (to which I say, yeah, we all could've told you that, Niles :p). How he wastes no time in ending things with Mel (and her reaction is very fitting and true to her character-I could actually imagine Niles pulling away from his phone as he heard her scream). Telling Frasier in no uncertain terms to just stay out of everything. The happy resolution to everything with Daphne brought out some much needed confidence and boldness in him, and it's nice to see that :).

That said, I do understand Frasier's concern to some degree, too, given the sudden nature of it all. Plus, his party falling apart certainly doesn't help his mood, either. I feel bad for him. And Donny, too. Blissfully unaware of what's coming his way. Daphne's right to not want to ruin his holiday (that and even if she were to call off the wedding now, the people involved are either super busy or shut down for the holidays anyway, so...). Hopefully her breakup with Donny will go a lot more smoothly than Niles and Mel's did (though at least Nilles' was brief, like ripping off a Band-Aid).

Also loved everything with Roz trying to be concerned about Daphne and Niles as she was, and her total confusion over Daphne's behavior :p. Hee. I trust Daphne was able to find a moment to explain everything to her later, though.

And that ending. Sigh. So sweet and romantic and adorable. Slow, simple, yet very intimate.

Lovely fic, this! Certainly would've been fine with things playing out this way, too!
4/14 c1 723iloveromance
This is very sweet!
1/20 c1 Guest
I love this! You do a great job capturing the characters. I could see all of them so clearly in my mind. Thanks for another great fic! ️

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