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1/10 c1 Brochan
Hello Illy, I have read all of your Kingverse (Yes, all of it, and love every single fanfic you have write, thanks for all the pain 3) and just now encourage me to leave a review, sorry, I'm not very good with words :')

I think this is by far one of my favorites, it's very exciting to look at the reactions between the characters and I found the interactions very interesting, there is so little content using Mr. Big, and I always found the guy to have all the potential to be an scary hateful villain is somebody wanted to and you make it feel like that here.

Thanks for the good read, hope to see more of your work soon.
1/3 c1 36RobertCop3
We all bitched and whined at one point in Discord. And we survived another year. And in my case, I gained some friends. Which is always special to me, since I don't make friends very easily, so I value the ones I have. And screw the pastries. If this group ever manages to meet in person, I'm cooking dinner. I'm gonna get one of those big-ass two-inch thick T-bones and I'm gonna sous vide that bitch with some garlic cloves, and fresh thyme and rosemary.

And now, onto the review. Given how "Accident" was a high due to the King/Mary stuff, I was expecting this to be a low, since the Kingverse fics usually fluctuate. Especially because... this is Big we're talking about. And King is at a physical disadvantage. But, no... she totally flipped the tables, and looked good doing it! And I love that it was the mention of Yuri that set her off. I like to think it was because it dredged up personal memories for her, because she would have been party to Yuri's kidnapping, in some form. But also... it's because they are sisters, and NOTHING can destroy their friendship!

But I too am wondering if this will have any consequences. And if a move is made against Jean... how will King's auntie react to that? Also, I liked the way King has been dealing with Ryo and Robert in the aftermath of this, just because I think she's overthinking it. I don't think Ryo thinks less of her, it's just... they're fighters. They beat up scum on a daily basis. It's what they do. I think he was just surprised that anyone could ever gain an upper hand over King, and so his response was more knee-jerk than anything else. And also he's a Japanese male, so like his dad, he couldn't even see how his response would be callous.

Can't wait to see where this might eventually lead. Happy New Year, indeed!
12/30/2019 c1 131jojoDO
Wow... what to think about THIS ONE. This is either the end of something, or the START of something huge! King, I mean... King WON! King... won? I don't know! Rex seems pretty spooked about it, but I feel like maybe this could go two ways: she could either talk to Ryo and Robert and get them to stop, thus truly solidifying a truce... or it could already be too late. Big could be ready to strike back, since he's a bad guy and dishonesty comes with the package. His retaliation could be fierce, ESPECIALLY if guns are involved. Without guns, I'd back Ryo/Rob, but with guns... Big could do some bad stuff.

Let me mention real quick, I was incredibly impressed with King's bravery in this chapter. She was at a great physical disadvantage and the odds were terribly against her, but she did not take Big's shit for a second. Despite all odds, she turned the tables on him and got him to squeal, and that was just AMAZING. I was laughing and giggling throughout the whole scene! YOU GO GIRL!

So... boy. How is this gonna go. I know you're more about the drama, like soap operas or murder mysteries, but even those genres are prone to guns/fistfights every once in a while, and I know you're not shy from it. This could be the start of a big fight. King's group may have to band together to take down Big and give his gang what they deserve. But... I dunno. It could just be a matter of talking Ryo and Robert down. Who knows? It's you, after all ;)

I am so stoked for this, you don't even know. WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT!
12/27/2019 c1 24Rex Madison
Gonna be very tough to review this one, cuz I'm still a little shook up. This was great writing, but a HORRIBLE story development that made me very sad. I had faith Big would keep his word last time, but none whatsoever this time - especially since King took him out with a low blow. (I know *I* wouldn't care much about honor if someone beat me by kicking me in the jimmy :/ ) Meanwhile all the stuff King's been dreading would happen with Ryo DID happen. It just breaks my heart ;_;

On the good points, this was fantastic writing. An extremely tense scene where both King AND Big looked like badasses. King showed she can kick Big's ass with one LEG tied behind her back XD...but I really thought he had her there a couple times, too. You should be proud you've still got me thinking the protagonist could lose - and caring about whether she does. ;) And the dialogue might've done even MORE to make it work, showing that Big still knows how to push King's buttons. He's such a better villain here than in canon; I'm not even sure I like it that way, but I like it here, hehe.

What happened beforehand, though...so painful :( I really had hope, after the last two fics, that Ryo would keep a cool head and that he'd said the right things. Instead he and Robert go out randomly beating up flunkies (cuz, you know, THAT'll get a lot accomplished 9_9), and Ryo's "how could you let it happen" comment cut to the quick. This is probably still great storytelling, just of a development *I* don't like...but I do kinda feel like this didn't go with the last fics too well. Those fics implied hope - at least to me - and all we got was despair.

And now there's a good chance we'll get MORE despair, as working things out with Ryo and Robert doesn't seem like it'll be easy. Moreover, I don't see Big taking this lying down at all - especially if those two lugheads keep up beating up his cronies :P I'm not too hopeful at all about what's gonna happen next...but I'm REALLY looking forward to finding out, hehe. Sad or not, this story's still got me hooked, even after all this time :D

Thanks for the read!
12/27/2019 c1 iwewia
Of course the "R Bros" would do something like this... It's the "go crazy go stupid" mode and it makes total sense. "King blocked our numbers? Time to puff up and make Big pay for damaging her forever so we'll get a reaction." It drives the plot very nicely, though!

Big going straight to Illusion to tease King about third party mistakes made my heart race. Their fight here was one of my favorites you've ever written because both verbal and physical actions carry weight. How it ended was a great display of just how tough King can be to protect those she loves as she goes berserk after the mention of Yuri's and her brother's names.

The new year celebration feels like a calm before the storm - I can hear the thunders roar!

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