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for seducing me

10/31 c2 Xenozip
She confessed her love because she was absolutely sure she was going to die and it was her last chance to say it
10/13 c1 1Paperweevil2537
update pls
1/21 c1 Hnbutt
I have enjoyed this.
12/21/2020 c2 1KINGShaheed
Enjoyed that more than I probably should have
12/21/2020 c1 KINGShaheed
6/2/2020 c2 Guest
shit fic
3/7/2020 c2 1Wicked.A
Don't kill yourself this stuff is lit like Christmas!
But you missed the opportunity for Naruko to use henge into a Naruto and for Naruto to run away in response (since literal yaoi would be to scary for a troll pervert, also I think it should be age, gender and consent)
1/4/2020 c2 32Asura435
Hinata doesn't stalk Naruto, if you know her story you will know that she wont have the time and ability to do that most of the time.
Hinata showed courage by fighting Pain and she knew that death was an outcome of her actions that was why she wished to say those words before leaving for good.

Hinata is the only girl that actually suits Naruto as she went through trash times from the beginning like him. You can blame Kishi for not writing a good romance but he said its a shounen and if you want romance go read shoujo.
12/27/2019 c1 Guest
But can we just talk about what a perfect ending that would be for Hinata?
Irony at its best. The stalker is stalked and made to marry her stalker by plot. Hallelujah.
12/27/2019 c1 1kingnarutoxqueenkushina
Holy shit this funny and please make this a story where their are together

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