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9/25 c3 14nightbird47
I keep checking for more, but it will be even more interested when we get to the hints become under risk they can't do much at all. And history repeats itself all too often.

The story won't be stuffed away as it builds a tomorrow once never believed was over. And others may not know all which gave them a chance to move beyond. One reason why ds9 trek sometimes connect with us more than we see as history takes its own course and reason.
9/12 c28 85Book girl fan
This has been a really excellent story! It felt a lot like an episode, though more drawn out, meaning more twists than can normally fit in 45 minutes! I especially liked how nearly all major characters had a part to play, and you didn’t focus exclusively on any one character. I also particularly liked how things played out with the transporters – both that DS9 didn’t have the newer transporters they needed for the mission (which made perfect sense) and the wheeling and dealing Quark did to both help the crew and make a profit! It’s very true to Quark’s character, and I loved how well you showed that.
9/12 c24 Book girl fan
Hey! Not sure if it was a serious question about why so few reviews, but for me, I’ve been so caught up in the story I completely forgot the review button was even there! It happens fairly often, so I tend to mostly review on rereads. I’ll try to leave a nice long comment at the end, I know how discouraging it is to not get any reviews on something you worked hard at.
9/9 c30 51Tamuril2
Eeeeeeee! I love that it repeated itself. That was so cool. I'd forgotten the hologram did that. (glad you remembered)

Poor woman! No wonder she hates whites.
9/2 c29 Tamuril2
Eeeeeeee! That was even better than I'd hoped for (and my expectations were high to begin with... what? Your good writing allows me that)

Poor Cletus. It's so sad that I can actually see this happening back then. Thank goodness Bashir was there. It's funny. I know they're holograms, but I totally forgot as soon as the action started. They just felt too real to me.

Can't wait for part 2!
7/25 c28 Guest
Just wanted to let you know, your DS9 stories are great! I can't wait to read your version of how Julian's enhancements are revealed. Also, I noticed that a couple of your stories have him using "outdated" equipment and was wondering if you have one that does the opposite. Something like he has to figure out how to use more advanced or futuristic technology to save his patients for some reason...
6/30 c28 Tamuril2
Ha! Take that Digator. I hope they throw the book at'cha. Grrrr, hurting Sisko like that. As Worf would say, you have no honor. None. Zip. Nada.

Eeeeee! I love the Easter Egg you left at the end. I can't wait to read the additions. *gets popcorn ready"
6/30 c28 3Lerrinus
good ending to a good story! :-)
6/23 c27 51Tamuril2
Eeeeeeee! Sisko is back! I'm so relieved. I was worried for him.

I don't trust Digator. Not at all. He's up to something.
6/23 c27 3Lerrinus
Yay! Fantastic! So glad to see the old Sisko! Hugs! :-)
6/17 c26 Lerrinus
OMG! another amazing chapter! Please keep up the great work! Poor Benjamin!
6/16 c26 51Tamuril2
Poor Sisko. He has some major PTSD - for good reason too! I'm glad you didn't skip this. It makes it feel more realistic.
6/9 c25 Tamuril2
Aha, that last paragraph. Yeah right. Digator is SO not been seen for the last time. Nope. I'm calling it. The Manthracite is going to make one more appearance.

Poor Sisko. He's still got a bit of a slave mentality holdover. He'll be seeing a counselor for quite a while, I think.
6/2 c24 Lasciella
I'm enjoying the story. I wish I had more to say. Your characterisation is good, pacing and emotional portrayal are also great. I tend to like a little more grit, darker emotions being felt and explored, but not every story needs that.

I always look forward to your updates, though I find it hard to say more than "great chapter" because my brain is still in the story. And because I dont want to pull the story apart, I like a bit of mystery, this isn't an english lit class after all. thanks for your updates and writing always appreciated.
6/2 c24 Tamuril2
I knew it! Don't ask me how, but I knew that's what Quark did...it's still funny how his avarice got the best of him. Tehe!
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