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5/10/2020 c28 MarvelDweeb
also lowkey cringing Haha but it's not that bad of a story! Some parts seemed rushed especially for the second book, but I would still like to see more cos I'm intrigued on where the story will develop uwu
5/10/2020 c13 MarvelDweeb
kinda sad that what they talked about with lupin wasn't expounded more
5/10/2020 c28 Riddicks-gurl1988
Alright yes I love to see them grow into their own and realizing their strength. Old Dumbles is just going to have to realize that he lost this one and keep it moving. I can’t wait to get back at Snape but I feel like the right gesture or thing said to Snape could win him over to the twins side. Also loving the relationship development with them I know by me saying that I’m a deviant but eh what a way to go right lol great update can’t wait to clear Sirus’s good name and get this show pony on the way, maybe telling Voldemort that they will remain neutral while he kills Dumbledore or something idk
5/9/2020 c28 1Dr4cu14
Nice chapter
I like the name Pads
5/8/2020 c28 magitech

Dumbles may say he cares but he does nothing to show that unless people are blindly obedient to manipulations.
Wonder what it would do to his reputation if the twins publicly stated they do not trust him or want his protection and when of age they would declare him an personal enemy of theirs.

Given that 'everyone knows the Potters story' as McGonagall stated, it makes me wonder why the Weasley twins never wondered about the name Peter Pettigrew when they used the map.
You'd think they never used it to check on their siblings.
5/8/2020 c28 Dillonga2
can't wait for the next chapter
5/8/2020 c28 Dzerx
Hopefully the Twins can live with Sirius soon, this Dumbledore drama is really annoying lmao.
5/6/2020 c1 Dr4cu14
What is Heather's full name I wonder?
5/1/2020 c27 ChaosOmega98
What does this mean
4/30/2020 c27 magitech
Interesting and accurate that Dumbledore isn't a true lead of the light, just an arrogant egomaniac who bestowed it upon himself as he loves all those title he so reluctantly accepts.

I can see why Sirius is upset about the twins relationship given his family history.
Just because they love each other and have sex doesn't mean they have to breed with each other.

Harry and Heather should withdraw from Hogwarts citing irreconcilable differences with Dumbledore and his inability to properly be their guardian due to his many, many full time jobs.
And do so publicly, preferably during the welcoming feast so Dumbles is busy or if he turns up he's neglecting his Headmaster duties so it's lose/lose. The twins tell him pick A job and TRY to do it right.
4/30/2020 c27 yuiopdon
Thanks for the chapter!
4/30/2020 c27 1ShadowedDarkness1230
4/27/2020 c26 1Dr4cu14
A very nice story.

I like your twists.

Also agrees that Dumbledore was a little heartless of Harry even if his intentions were good.
4/26/2020 c26 magitech
You have to wonder how many vital matters are delayed because Dumbles is too busy with one of his other power jobs to do any one of them properly.

Strange that no one seems to remember there were TWO wizards at the Black/Pettigrew confrontation.
They make it seem Peter was a muggle, And Fudge is so firm in his refusal to consider the gold mine it is to fix the mistake of the previous Minister.
Has Dumbles spelled or portioned him during one of their private talks.
4/26/2020 c26 cartelo
Oh, I liked this chapter. They look like a sword qnd a shield this is cool
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