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for Harry Potter & the GI Joe: The Philosophers Stone

6/4 c5 61Stormshadow13
Love the idea.
4/15 c5 Guest
This looks very promising
4/14 c5 James Birdsong
This is awesome
4/14 c5 Guest
4/14 c5 nightwing27
I heard the actor who played duke hated doing GI joe
4/14 c4 nightwing27
I worder whatever happen to the rest of the joes who was in the first movie but not in the second one
4/14 c2 nightwing27
they always wanted to do a cross over movie of GI joe and trasnformers I heard
3/21 c6 17DS2010
So Corporal Hauser is off to Hogwarts.
3/19 c6 mfederico4484
Love the story.
3/18 c6 5rbear1231
welcome back

now i know u already mentioned slaughter as a nod to my past but i think you forgot him here...

i cant wait for the kids to start 'summer school' with harry and the Joes only for sgt to show up and go, 'Good more maggots to train'

but that is me
3/18 c6 60D.J. Scales
Nice job.
3/18 c6 Guest
3/18 c5 cowchoas
also be funny if the cobra commander was tom riddle twin brother who did not get any magic,
3/18 c6 cowchoas
me think some old goat is going to be in for a few surprise.
3/18 c6 dessalee
I’ll be surprised that Hogwarts would let Henry keep the weapons I think it’s only thing he could get away with the suit and the phone/laptop. Unless the magical’s think that firearms won’t do anything to them or Harry has a license to carry them.
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