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6/22 c17 hanzohasashifan29
John 117's luckbitch slaps Qrow's bad luck* I'm the captain now
6/12 c3 Cooldude101011
I assume Thel is playing along with the whole god thing. As the “gods” of the covenant are the forerunners and it’s pretty sure to the former covenant that the forerunners weren’t gods.
3/16 c43 razmire
This was a great and enjoyable story to read, and I will be waiting patiently for a sequel to emerge.
3/15 c43 G119
I’m back and all caught up!
3/2 c43 Guest
I'd watch out for Freddielebron. Buddy might get butthurt over some more lore being tweaked or mistaken.
2/25 c17 4Dark1001
The legendary Master Chief is well-known for his unnatural luck. i mean, it has ensured his survival throughout the human-covenant war. He basically unintentionally makes his own luck somehow. I wonder if it'll ward off Qrow's bad luck or not.
2/25 c43 3Sm0keyPanda
Oh my GOD Tai was hilarious.
2/24 c43 4Maniacalharp747
This is The Way, always.
You cannot kill The Way because it is an ideal.
But its followers can sure as hell kill you.
2/23 c43 ScrubLord97
When the last chapter is posted, but the Way of the Ugandan Sangheili is forever
2/23 c43 Berserker134
A good story. I loved it. X3
2/23 c42 TheRightPrice
I don't recall The Arbiter and everyone else having a falling out with Ozpin in this fic. If I remember correctly, Thel pretty much defused the whole anti-Ozpin situation by telling everyone his own backstory and the atrocities he committed that were far worse that anything Ozpin or Salem ever did.

Having Aura based starship shielding would be pretty badass.

Given that Thel painted a misleading picture that his Aura was a gift given to him by the gods as reward for his service to the people of Remnant, how will the rest of the Sangheli react when they learn that anyone's aura, even animals, can be unlocked in just a few seconds with literally zero cost to anyone involved? I would think it would be impossibly hard for them not to learn that... but then I remember how Jaune somehow managed to live 17 years on Remnant without even learning that Aura exists.

Ah, so Emerald is the Winter maiden, that fits. Hope she and Hazel find Mercury in Atlas/Mantle, he's probably the one sabotaging/blowing up the work crews.

Yes! Looking forward to an eventual sequel. I'm glad to learn that what the brother gods are exactly is something for the sequel. One of the things I find must interesting in crossover stores like this, where both series take take place in the same universe/galaxy rather than characters from one universe getting transported to another, is how authors reconcile the different histories and cosmic orders; like two magical gods that created humanity in the RWBY series and referenced creating vs. universe spanning, billions of years old, god like Precursor alien species with reality breaking powers and super-science that created humanity in the Halo series. I know you said you're keeping this info secret for the sequel but given that the brothers referenced having created other humans beyond Remnant in gonna guess that they are the Precursors who created humanity.

I can just imagine an OMAKE where the return to the Milkey Way Galaxy to check in and are confused as to where the rest of their people are, then somehow encounter a Gravemind and are like "WTF! Tim? Tim is that you? Tim you look like shit man! You look like you've been doing super crack for the last 10 million years. Where the hell is everybody else and what did we miss?"

Twisted Fate: I can't say I agree that Atlas' soul transfer machine doesn't maintain the person's identity post transfer as we've never seen it actually complete a soul transfer and it was stated by the characters in show that they simply didn't know what would happen in regards to this. In my interpretation it was the uncertainty about this that caused Pyrrha's emotional crisis in V3, as it was a complete gamble at to whether she would 1) stay herself but with magic, 2) get totally overwritten by Amber and effectively die with Amber taking over her body, or 3) have her and Amber blend together and become an entirely new person. I think if the show had at all implied that the soul being transferred not squeegeed clean of memory/personality then that would have broken the drama cuz there would be no reason for Pyrrhato agonize line she did over a consequence free power-up (consequence free to her since she didn't know about Salem). Anyway, if it happens to come up organically as a topic of discussion in the sequel then maybe just have someone say that it's been tested on other people in the time since V3 and that it wiped the transferred souls clean. Given it's potential I would find out hard to believe that the Atlas military wouldn't at least try out the very expensive technology they developed but have canonically never actually used as of V8.

Agreed that Remnant prosthetics are better than UNSC but the UNSC can clone organs and whole bodies, plus with whatever Forerunner tech they've gotten in the time since Reach fell who really knows which side has the better options for replacement limbs?
2/23 c43 Lorenzo Ferrari
Waiting for the sequel. I want also to see Halsey's reaction when she finds out that Coco is Jorge's daughter, and then, her granddaughter
2/23 c43 10kpmh2001
"Spartan Ops didn't happen" Lmao based.

As for your story... Damn, you really outdid yourself. What I liked most about it was, of course, the Arbiter. You really did handle him beautifully from start to finish. Did I have my personal disagreements with things? Of course, but you still managed to pull everything off in the end. Plus, it would be kind of boring if we agreed on everything all of the time, now wouldn't it?

I will say, I'm nervous about your mentioning of Cortana, since, well, I really hated that they brought her back at all, let alone as a villain. That being said, you've made ideas that I didn't really like work in the past, so maybe you're the man for the job, eh?

Looking forward to the Sequel, but I'm expecting that you'll want to take a break, and I'd say it's well earned.
2/23 c43 1nantono
Nice story, wait - what happened to weiss and neo?
2/23 c43 31blaiseingfire
Hazel joined up with Salem because she was a literally force of nature who couldn’t be beat. But now that (as far as they know) she’s dead and gone for good... yeah there’s no way he’s actually on board with Emerald’s revenge plan. He probably plans to find a way to keep her safe/out of trouble before bailing and hiding with a new identity on a UNSC colony probably.
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