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for Gears of War: Last Hope

5/18 c1 somerandomperson
please continue this great story
5/18 c1 Somerandomperson
please continue
4/29 c4 9leo0074
This is a great story and I’m surprised it hasn’t received as much attention as it should. I’ve been enjoying it so far and I can appreciate how detailed it is. I really hope to see more pretty soon...
2/12 c2 HaywireEagle
Well, the UNSC Assault Rifle's bullet is a big beefy boy so it not doing damage to a unarmored grub doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Sure, they're durable but those rounds were chosen to punch armor, shielding, and the meat of Elites and Brutes who are at Spartan levels of toughness and strength. (The latter more so) A Full Metal Jacket would leave a fat hole on the way out. (via Cavetation) While the Shredder round is lower on penetration but it fragments and pierces the insides. The later would be of little use to the low penetrating power and the toughness of Locust skin and is only used in unique circumstances and when requisitioned for a mission.

You also don't break that many ribs when shot with a vest, especially one with ballistic plates like the UNSC's. Heavy bruising at moderate range. However a broken rib or two would be the worst of the injuries if the armor does not fail.
2/10 c4 3Apostle-of-Darkness
Dude, congratulations. You now have a new follower for this Xover. Keep up the good work
1/25 c3 1Fat Future Cat
even if people dont like how you wrote the spartans personalities i doubt they could complain after that fight scene.
1/24 c3 Bov
Now thats more like it
1/13 c2 Guest
How long is the story going to be?
1/11 c1 Guest
if the Locust were too suddenly disappear tomorrow

You want "to".
and possibly "Locusts", but I'm unfamiliar with the setting so I dunno.
1/10 c2 1Lord of Moons
The MA5B fires 7.62x51mm rounds. That's a sniper round. And you've merged Spartans here, no UNSC commander would walk up to unknowns alone, and Spartans are known for being superhuman geniuses. Never heard of Spartan time. While most 3s don't have the genetics of the 2s, those that did received MJOLNIR, and considering they can run 55kph in MJOLNIR I can't see them sitting in cover while their superior gets killed. But it's your story, so fair enough. If your fine with Spartans acting like ODSTs go ahead, the writing is good enough.
12/29/2019 c1 1Sparta49
Amazing! I'm still trying to catch up on on the books but does this mean that 2 and 5 are wearing SPI?

Jason and Robert are obviously going to die in a way that makes sense to gameplay mechanic and story. 4 co-op, kill the two and bring in Kat and Emile. Story wise the green rookies die by being slow to combat, lack of situational awarness and just a bit of a stickler to standard combat engagement without thinking outside the box. Marcus should know better, rookies don't last long in his squad, you think command would know that by now.

It will sadden me when he makes his way to his wife. He had to do it but that will haunt him for the rest of his life. It a good thing Marcus is the rock of their relationship as brothers or else I think he would of suicide charge the locust in the next room.

Wouldn't it be a real mcguffin if the Queen had this huge ass beast to go tear down the HoDs? Like now that just Bull.

Marcus and Dom don't have their own grenades on this mission? Are supplies really that low? If any thing I would think the veterans carry their own and the rookies have none. Also Dom wouldn't inform Marcus on the new recruits names and voice? Were they just thrown in at the last second? Still I think they could have gotten to know their names and rank before landing.

That exchange between them only cements they will die gruesome deaths. Way to upbeat for there own good. Appreciate their spirit though.

Come on Marcus it can't be that weird your military has a theme with skulls.

Immediate problem with Kat and Emile. Supplies and ammunition for their weapons and armour along with food.
12/28/2019 c1 christinedbadia5
I just gotta say that I love it! I can't wait until the next chapter!
12/28/2019 c1 Granet
Saw this story and thought " eh, maybe it will be good". But when I realized you also wrote 'missing in action' I suddenly became very interested. The first chapter does pretty damn good at setting up a feeling for how the story will go, will be pretty interesting to see how COG reacts to their space cousin. Dont mind much that your starting from gears 2 rather than the latest game personally. Wonder how you'll steer this story though with will be fun to see if you continue.
12/27/2019 c1 Bov
Lets be honest here, that was awsome and considerimg the update schedule of battle aticum (never read it but saw it pop up often) this should shape up to be good.

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