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5/5 c17 9Love.Fiction.2021
Good chap! Interested to see where this goes next
5/3 c17 Guest
Thank you for updating! Love the new chapter! Keep it coming!
5/3 c17 Ada
Ales expressed her choice and refused Luke.
Something about her thought process was contradictory, it seems. Is it that the old Order was great and the inadequacy of Luke's new Order would be a burden for Ales and Luke or is it that the old Order was horribly flawed and Ales dosan't want it to be emulated? Ales expressed both points of view at different points in the chapter. If it is the latter, Ales is exactly the right person to point out the flaws that should be avoided - she says she would only cause the mistakes to be repeated but then gives Luke advice on what went wrong in the past, thus proving she would be beneficial to the Order and help avoid past problems.
It is strange how she says she belongs at Din's side so many times. Is she saying it multiple times to get Din to say something? It seems she wants him to decide what to do and where to go, and she will follow. Who is she without him? What does she want, apart from following him? Is there somewhere she wants to go, something she wants to do?
5/3 c17 8Oddity Empress
Oh my Lord. I just recently got into the Mandalorian and now reading about it. I really like the way this story has gone and can't wait to see what happens. Din is just adorable at times!
5/1 c17 stefanieasaro.usa
It was an excellent story! Congratulations and thank you !
5/1 c17 joeyginise
That was quite the interlude. I say, fuck the Sequel cannon and do your own thing. Cause I will admit, if done properly, a bait n switch for the Emperor still living can lead to a very interesting plotline. So long as it is planned out correctly. Luke is supposed to be what the Jedi should have been. Why take that from him? *Glares at Rian for being a dumbass bitch of a director*

Just, your better off doing your own thing. No doubt it will be infinitely times better than what we got.
5/1 c17 8multyfangirl21
Well this turned out pretty good, good transition between arcs. Better than most fanfics and a few TV shows.
I'm glad she's sticking with Din, I'll still be hoping for them getting to make trips to the temple to visit Grogu every once in awhile and maybe help out Luke a time or 2.
5/1 c17 178Ball3
ayooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ales is in love!

i mean obviously it was coming but still
4/30 c16 Guest
I know you only posted this 3 weeks ago but we need an update! Sooo good! And I disagree with the previous comment. Let Din and Ales be together! Surely the Force could have a greater purpose for these two joining.
4/10 c16 Guest
She seemed so happy about rebuilding the order when she realised there was a fourth force user. Surely, she won't just give that up for a man. There is more to life than following a guy around. Hope her isolated upbringing didn't make her believe that's all there is.
4/10 c16 9Love.Fiction.2021
Omg is she going to go too?!:O
4/9 c16 Mariah
wow Din might have to say goodbye to ales soon.

he loves her and can't seem to watch her go that's for sure.

unless you have her join him on his travels?
4/9 c16 joeyginise
Had to turn on the music for the ending bits there. Was 100% worth it. I look forward to seeing how this will end.
4/8 c16 8multyfangirl21
Of course you're going to be putting the talk in the next chapter so you can have a cliffhanger. Now I'm hoping that Din gets to go to the temple as well.

As I mentioned before, personally I didn't like that Luke took Grogu in the TV series, separating Grogu and Din; I mean Din is a strong warrior and the temple is a small place in a huge galaxy that is a scary place for many force sensitives. Guards for the temple would be a great idea! (Might of been able to prevent all of Luke's students from being killed in the terrible sequels) I'm sure Din could still have plenty of adventure with a creative writer as a temple guard.

Hmm, if Din was to guard the temple and Ales was acting as a teacher, theres still trips to get more students where they could go together.
4/8 c16 178Ball3
i stg i actually did cry when mando took off his helmet to see grogu

also, if ales goes with luke, i will be s a d
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