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for There is No Paradise

7/7/2021 c2 CesarBorgia
11/17/2020 c2 4AutisticAnglophile
Bro this fic is god-tier, it's truly unique and I'm surprised no one has ran with this idea yet. I can't wait to see where you take this, I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
11/1/2020 c2 dd
next chapter please...
9/1/2020 c2 1Nocna Vatra
Interesting! I'm excited to see what you write next!
8/30/2020 c2 wzisd29
Whoaa seems interesting, this is a good story. i'll wait for the next chapter!
7/31/2020 c2 gaidzani
Hey! Interesting story you got here! I did think about what'll happened to the whole story if Mikoto died, but not this. The concept of this story was reallly unique! I'm rooting for the next chapter, keep up the good work!
7/16/2020 c2 Genie66
I'm liking the concept and execution so far, and I'm excited to see where you're going to take this
6/13/2020 c2 8Sunny Shell
Ooh how is the dorm manager aware of the problems? Anyway, I think the anguish and fight was very well written thank you for taking the time to write such an interesting story!
5/30/2020 c2 1YoLO1992
can't wait for more, and finally! the dorm manager is finally involved on to something!
5/30/2020 c2 YoLO1992
The dorm manager knows something?
5/29/2020 c2 Juan Sebastian Borrero
Damn it, I've been waiting for a fanfic that involves these two without starting a single little change, and look, this is a work of art.
in other news I would say that mikoto would start to act defeatist after this type he fought with acceleretor he screwed up the calculations enough to save at least a part of the sisters or lose his memory and send everything to hell
5/15/2020 c2 80Zm93
Great Chapter yet again!
5/12/2020 c2 UnkownSoul
Well, this is going to be interesting! Where will Mikoto end up? How much will Kuroko get to know?
What's up with the dormmanager? Did someone find a clone and informed the school?
5/12/2020 c2 Ghost14lebi
I keep wait i said. A well written chapter. Waiting the next
2/18/2020 c1 Guest
Hope you write a good death scene. A bad end would be interesting.
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