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for A Rough Start to Parenting

12/28/2019 c1 130signelchan
I don’t know what’s better, the fact that you wrote this, or the fact that I got to read it, lol. This is an amazing story, you really show off your writing talent in it by approaching something that you don’t really write (but you certainly do read, sorry), and writing it in such a way that it feels like you write this sort of stuff all the time. I love how the characters really feel like themselves, even in this particular set of situations, and you really drive home how Kaito’s a complete bonehead and how Maki puts up with that nonsense even though she probably could and should do better.

Your premise is rather simple—that is, that Kaito is hopelessly addicted to trying to win while gambling and puts that before more important matters—and yet you never let this story get defined by that simple, humble beginning. Instead, you let that guide the plot into more serious places; like, really, should that man be forgiven for what he did? Should he be allowed to make up for the mistake he created for himself when he let his gambling spirit get the best of him? Ultimately, he does get to atone for his crime but it takes outside intervention to get Maki to even consider it, which really does feel like what it would take for her to back away from that decision. She may not have the best relationship with children but when it comes to her /own/ I see her trying to make the choices that make for an easier life, which in this case it does really seem like excluding Kaito would be the way to go for a while.

Anyway, this story is cute and amazing and thank you so much for writing it! It is indeed a rough start to parenting for these two (on two different levels, no less), and you did an amazing job with illustrating that!

12/27/2019 c1 45lon'quesadilla
Kaito, you dingbat, you shoulda listened to her! Because, naturally, things would start happening in this situation d: Losing money and missing his own kids’ birth are definitely two things that would cause a rift between the two, but I’m glad things finally eventually worked out in the end.

This was a Beautiful babyfic contribution and I do so hope you’ll write more things, because your stories are Great. c:

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