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1/2/2020 c3 33Noctus Fury
This was a great fanfic. Some spelling and grammar errors, but other than that, it was a great read. I love how you had Osvald the Agreeable gift him the dagger. That was a nice touch.

And I love how you're writing about Hiccup dealing with kidnappings, poisonings, and assassination attempts. I know that that would've been too dark for DreamWorks to do, but, realistically, it would've made sense, and indeed would've been historically accurate, for a Chief's Son like Hiccup to experience all of these things. Contrary to popular opinion, not everyone is fine with their enemies having an heir. And trying to get rid of the heir through various means is just one step closer to cutting the serpent's head, as it were. So it makes sense. Great job. I plan on doing the same with some of my own HTTYD fanfics.

I also love how you have Snotlout and Hiccup learning about poisons and other stuff, and how you incorporate that later on in the third chapter. Well done!

Thank you for writing this and for sharing this with us. Keep up the great work! Hope you have a great 2020. Happy New Year!

Long Live the Night!

Noctus Fury

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