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for Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: In a New World Redux

9/14 c25 3SoulMatter
It is here! The Demiurge duel is here!

(Holy shit I've been away from FFNet for too long)

Anyways, can't wait to see how you'll handle part 2 of this duel, and Vince's subsequent development. This was my favorite part of the old IANW, and I have to say, I am definitely liking it better in this reboot. I have also just not noticed that Redux took longer to get here than IANW. This chapter's counterpart is Chapter 20 in the old version, contrasting with the Redux's chapter 25. Interesting, isn't it?
9/10 c25 Komi-san66
What's your opinion about Rush Duels?
9/10 c25 Hulala
Eyyy, welcome back, i notice that Demiurge card effect is nearly identical to Z'arc effect with the additional shenanigan from Hot Red Calamity which in your defense at least you didn't include the part where your opponent can only stare to it.
9/10 c25 7Kaiser Vision
This was a fun chapter to read; the changes to the Great War and Genesis were interesting, plus I like that Genesis went with a human form to communicate with others. The same applies to giving the White Aura Goddess a name associated with Bahamut, fitting really.

Also, nice work with altering Isaac's cards since they were misworded or incomplete; honestly, I kind of wish the Mirror Imagine would become an archetype or a series proper. It has enough potential to be a good Pendulum set.

All in all, I enjoyed reading the chapter and can't wait to see how you've altered the remaining two parts. Keep up the awesome work, Sakushi
9/10 c25 2donkeyboy100
Amazing chapter great job!
8/5 c22 37Gundam-Knight-Chris
Okay, I will say that I expected this to happen but this was a chapter layered with cringe. Honestly, I know I shouldn't badmouth a character but Vince sucks. Like seriously, he really sucks. All that build-up with a guy who had a demented God in his head and he slowly becomes a 14 year old father of gods? That is weird and disturbing on so many levels. And now he has a moment with his so-called "children" just after the asshole God takes his body? I know this ain't gonna happen and I don't wanna say this, but I hope he dies. I'm sorry but I just can't stand Vince anymore.
6/10 c6 Zarbapha
The dreams were grim and mournful, evoking emotion even without having context for their pain. Conflicting personalities with characters is neat, especially when they can all contribute to a goal through reasoned collaboration. DU I imagined having Vilgax's voice before he started talking so much and became sadly un mysterious.
6/9 c5 Zarbapha
Never saw the original, but I like this demiurge. Seems like they have a plan, but more importantly, made Daphne shut up. There was no mention of Daphne setting on her fist turn I could see, so the trap came out of nowhere. Lots of things were hard to keep track of, sort of like usual, but Ulti Leo is made immune to effects, which I think includes little Leos boost. This seemed more stressful than it should have been.
5/29 c24 2darkblade2814
I hope Manek manages to escape whatever Academia is planning for him
5/28 c24 2donkeyboy100
Amazing chapter! Loved that you included the new Illusion Type.
3/23 c23 3SoulMatter

I've been waiting for this!
3/22 c22 Devil Kaiser
I don't lknow if I read a fanfic of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V or of an dark fantasy anime, anyway... good work with the chapter
3/20 c23 TenebrisLoup
Loved the chapter looking forward to the next one.
3/20 c23 9DSpaceZ
Only mistake I noticed was that after Demiurge set the Scale 5 Sagittarius, he said he could summon from 2 to 9. There were some grammar errors here and there, but seeing the length of this chapter, it can be easily forgiven.
Honestly, I had to go rewatch the previous chapter because I didn't remember the state of the field. XD
It was nice seeing more monsters under Demiurge ruling. Seeing Azi Dahaka, with me being a Buddyfight fan, was amazing. Though I wish you kept the 'Creation' part of the name. I get why the change, but I still liked the previous version, but the new designs are awesome!
It was also nice seeing him win without his avatar form. Really shows how powerful he is.
I'm interested to see who Jack was dueling, if anyone. Probably Security, trying to detain him or something?
Chest jokes are always welcome, and I love the irony of Demiurge not knowing what the Shining is, but making Jojo references. I swear, if he says MUDA or THE WORLD, I think Saiou will appear and sue him. XD
3/20 c23 9Xager-the-Chaos-King
Okay. It was cool to see Demiurge in full asshole mode. It was awesome to see Harald give as good as he got, even if he did ultimately fall. But seriously. Please stop with the intro and outros. They cause massive word bloat, for stuff that people like me are really not interested in.

We didn't come here to read a literary version of an anime intro and outro. We came here to read the story, which is actually pretty cool.

To end the review on a positive note, I did love the quip about having a flat chest causing Aura to have a tantrum and minor rant. Truly, she believes Flat is Justice.
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