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for Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: In a New World Redux

9/9 c20 1LucasVAMP
Thanks for the answer in the last chapter man.

So yeah, Cuca as we like to call does exist here, known as sort of witch with many crocodile/draconic features she plays a role similiar to that of bogeyman, there's even a very known lullaby that features her. So yes, you kinda already did a card based in a figure from here but, forgive me for my greedy answer, I really wished for one more XD

Of course the fic is yours, you do what you do, the fic is already amazing without you needing to hear my selfish request. But if you're in need of Some ideias for cards think about us again, I personally sugest figures like Boitatá or Saci.

Anyway, thanks for the great work my friend. I'm Looking forward to what you will bring us in the next chapter.
9/7 c5 1DSpaceZ
Also, honestly, by description alone i just pictured Kuon Ichinose from P5 Strikers
9/7 c20 DSpaceZ
I feel some ships leaving port...
P.S: While it might not make a difference, wouldn't Daphne gain LP when the Action Cards were played?
9/7 c20 2SoulMatter
It just occurred to me... After all this time, ever since Daphne's introduction in the original IANW, I have no mental image of her nor any idea of how she looks like.

...How in the nine hells did I manage to miss that!?

When was she introduced here again?
8/29 c6 BraveArt18
I hope you finish this fic you have a good thing going with the way you went with this rewrite. I'm enjoying more than the first version of this fic. Good Work!
7/13 c2 Guest
Nice chapter bro
7/13 c19 Guest
Maneks monsters are just bunch of hypocrites calling vince and his cards monsters knowing very well they ate monsters too we know vince didn't meant it this to happen and checking on manek but they're other duelist who don't give about the others. I hope they should regret and apologise to victor and the mythorror monsters should critisise them for them for this because you can't judge the cards appearance judge the person's heart.
7/11 c19 RandomAsianGuest
Interesting chapter, seeing how Manek’s backstory unfold as a parallel to Aki’s-Manek felt betrayed by his parents and Aki was supported by her parents. It’s interesting to see how Manek might’ve forgiven Vince, but his monsters haven’t, as forgiving someone who sent you to the hospital doesn’t happen immediately, even if it’s an accident. Manek’s changed from before he joined the lancers, signaled by how he’s using super strong monsters to end things as fast as possible, along with new cards like the Duos and Memory Gadgets. but I don’t really like how he can use all summoning methods, same with Vince. In canon, Reiji’s the undisputed ace of the lancers because he can use all summoning methods. Manek being able to use all summoning methods like Reiji sorta nullifies how impressive a duelist from Standard can be. One thing I don’t enjoy about this fanfic in general is how it’s mostly English, but then there’s Japanese English sorta (Akushon Majikku vs Action Magic. One’s easier to read/understand). Overall though, I’ve been enjoying this chapter.
7/10 c19 2Zeromk7
Im Happy to see more powerful cards and a bit envious to not have One of my OC in this story but im happy Just to see custom cards of this level. Sad that Aki Lost but Hey, She put up a good fight. GG to you two for this Amazing duel
7/10 c19 4Findarato
I liked duel quite a bit, BUT I've watched Aki lose all her important duels and recently I've come to know that she was supposed to be more important in original. She was cast aside due to Blackwings becoming popular and laziness of writers. Therefore I always cheer for Aki (more than Yusei actually) and I wish to read about her gaining more powers and actually winning important duels. I think more powerful plant cards would be quite welcome. Only reason there aren't more powerful cards for plants or Rose archetype is only due to aforementioned laziness.
5/29 c18 Guest
Manek monsters has no right to judge vince and his monsters like that because it was an accident. Who the hell do those hypocrites think they are they're monsters too you know
5/28 c18 1LucasVAMP
I really liked this fic, the theme of the deck being one of my favorites to date.

Not Really much to say, the duel was solid and like I said the cards are too, so really all is left is to give you my congratulations in giving us such good fic.

Though I will ask, ever wondered in making a card based around a myth here from Brasil? Considering you may share a liking to that I would suggest giving our folklore and myths some look later, even if not to make a card just to see it and learn about it.

Anyways, Thanks for the great work my friend, looking forward to see what you will bring next )
5/28 c18 LegacySpellsword
Sad to say i discovered too late with my last comment that D.D.D Gilgamesh does exist and is a link monster so that throws out that idea, oh well still what a great chapter with tons of turnabouts!
4/27 c17 Maga
Well i was expecting vince to fight but still is good. Tbh i dont remember much of other yugiohs characters since its been years since i watched something other than arc v so other than iconic or main characters and some of their cards i dint remember much... Still excited to see mc's first duel runner fight or whatever its called. Also demiurge feels as if he isnt appearing much so i guess he will make some big unexpected appearance
4/25 c17 LucasVAMP
A battle of myths? Now that's a duel I'm looking forward to see!

Great chapter my friend.
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