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for Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: In a New World Redux

9/17 c10 2Zeromk7
Dude, i really love this story and i Hope to see Vince duel more often ! Keep going you are Amazing.
9/16 c10 ZarcEternal
Nice chapter, liked the beginning were you showed Leos thoughts and plans (Something the anime just ignored completly). Nice seeing Philius this early in the series and building him up as a powerhouse on par with Yuri . In the last fanfic he just appeared and it was never stated if he even was powerful and if how powerful.
Interesting news seeing you not ship Serena and Vince. I can see Manek being with Serena (from former New Worlds storyline) but cannot guess anyone for Vince (list is a bit too big at the moment) Cannot wait to read more
7/4 c9 dragon rose 11
I'm back! if you don't know me I'm the reviewer Green rose/deku rose now I go by dragon rose now sorry for taking so long to get back to your story I've been catching up on a lot of stories who updates I'd missed now for the story I have one question is Vince and Serena getting to gather I know in your last story you wasn't going to do a pairing so has that chance? I hope so because I love there chemistry and I ship them in both the first and this one and I love to see the folklore catsthe shipping name for Vince x Serena) happen. see you next time.
6/15 c9 Zeromk7
Yoooo ! That was awesome ! I yelled in happiness when Vince thinked why Reiji dosent have Rituals still because its bullshit ! If you want master all methods you Need Ritual and Rituals have supports that can be devastating like Necroz and Cyber Angels ! Dude, i cant wait to see if Reiji will use Rituals too. Even so...i Always thinked what if every duelist has 1 fan made Ritual Monster what would have happened to the duels. Like Superheavys or Raptors or even D/D/Ds... D/D/D Rituals can use a lot of "Kings" like Oda Nobunaga or Gilgamesh or even Giulio Cesare. Anyway Amazing duels and i Hope to see more of your story because Is really good. Cya and have a nice day !
6/15 c9 ZarcEternal
Really nice to have you back. You made one spelling mistake: you wrote royal were you meant loyal. But I loved this chapter, the comments of all the Gods and Mythorrors were really funny. But my highlight was Reiji dueling Serena. I mean Reiji can flex: he is the strongest duelist in all of Standard and if the writers actually cared for anything besides shoving EGAO in our throats he could have been the best rival of all times.
6/15 c9 7Nova Kaiser Joe
This was quite interesting, both duel especially. I also enjoyed the characterization of Yuu and Barrett, it was quite fun to see Barrett treat his opponent's with respect and Yuu being logical in figuring out a plan should the Beastborgs strike.

...In that line of thought, my hatred of Leo's portrayal in the anime continues to grow. However, you've also peaked my curiosity in the divinity behind Sabre Dancer, now LOL

However, I got to say, it was the interaction of the Daemons and the Mythorrors and the lore surrounding them that was my personal favorite. Also, I love how the definition of King changes to fit each of the Daemons, even explaining how some of them are treated as Kings without being royalty such as Genghis, Alexander, and Caesar.
4/29 c8 Guest
Are you going to make dimension counterparts for vincent
4/24 c8 Guest
Just imagine if the wicked god card show up it will be all hell if the duel Academy got their hands on thouse monstrosities of god cards
2/27 c1 XenoLucifer
why... why did you type "boku no turn draw"? my entire being cringed from the mix of english and japanese.
2/16 c8 unknown
did you just make an unlikable character likable?
2/14 c8 ZarcEternal
Amazing chapter. Got I love the interaction between Vince and the Gods, hopefully he wont get a headache from all these strong beings bickering. So after Ereshkigal the next Fate Goddess appears in this story: Beast 2 aka Tiamat in her "weakest form". Will we ever see Tiamat in her dragon form? Probably wont but it would be funny seeing it. Happy to see you update again and I cannot wait to read more soon
12/14/2020 c7 green rose
hay its me deku rose i'v got a new reviewer name becuse i'v seen some one has bein using the name deku rose. strating now i'm green rose and for now on any one name deku rose is not me. if you can tale other authors this that wuld be cool.:)
11/24/2020 c7 AlterNetBeing
The first thought I had when I saw mythorrors was if angra mainyu would be a card in the deck for some reason, btw loving your story hope you keep writing it as you are rn.
11/18/2020 c7 ZarcEternal
Oh what a great chapter, really loved that new Ritual you showed, and yes Vince whenever somebosy invents something we have to give it a totally useless long name ;) The drama this episode was also good, getting hints on Soras darkness and on Reira ,nice giving her the ability to see Duel Spirits. The anime, like in multiple cases, just didnt give any explanation to her feeling the emotions of cards.

Cannot wait to see more
11/18/2020 c7 2Zeromk7
Okay. First: That was an Amazing duel and i love the interactions between Mythorror Monsters.
Second: That was a neat Level 12 Ritual monster. Im surprised you introduced it After i told you of Vince was going to use It. Nice move.
Third: Masked WarriorAccel can be considered a "cousin" of the Masked HEROes ?
Fourth: Will we see Vince use any Monster that make the duel keep going After the LP reach 0 ? Like in the anime several times.
Fifth: You are Amazing and i admire you. Keep going good man ! You have done a great Job !
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