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for Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: In a New World Redux

5/28 c18 LegacySpellsword
Sad to say i discovered too late with my last comment that D.D.D Gilgamesh does exist and is a link monster so that throws out that idea, oh well still what a great chapter with tons of turnabouts!
4/27 c17 Maga
Well i was expecting vince to fight but still is good. Tbh i dont remember much of other yugiohs characters since its been years since i watched something other than arc v so other than iconic or main characters and some of their cards i dint remember much... Still excited to see mc's first duel runner fight or whatever its called. Also demiurge feels as if he isnt appearing much so i guess he will make some big unexpected appearance
4/25 c17 1LucasVAMP
A battle of myths? Now that's a duel I'm looking forward to see!

Great chapter my friend.
4/4 c16 LucasVAMP
Glad to see a new chapter )
4/4 c16 Guest
Damn what a read! I like this fanfiction very much! I have never seen a fanfiction including Yuu before and all of the OCs are very well written! Keep up the good work!
4/4 c16 4Arie Draconoid
Manek deck is just amazing. The Free your Heat Trap named after HeatMetal Double theme right? Does that there other spell and traps themed after the others song, too?

Anyway, good chapter! Can't wait for more!
4/2 c16 9Xager-the-Chaos-King
Well, I ship it! Also, Vince needs to power up some. His deck is good, but he's finally realised he's not the powerhouse he thought he was. Still, curious about Demiurge. Is he just malevolent Vince? Is he a demon king that's unrelated? We don't really know much about him, other than he's the master, and creator, of the Mythorrors. But so is Vince... Hmm...

I will say, I enjoy the closing tidbits, they're... kinda weird.
4/2 c16 LegacySpellsword
Im actually quite excited to see what happens next man though i sound like broken record since its one of the few yu gi oh fanfics thats been updated and really is fun to read though it has to be said you really are doing a great job in this so far. I know i shouldnt be making reviews with ideas too much but its really been on my mind about a custom D/D/D King. Why not have Gilgamesh? He fits the theme very well and honestly is on the level of being a god slayer though thats just my love for nasuverse stuff talking. Also i love the idea of Gilgamesh just looking at Demiurge calling him Mongrel or Zasshu xD though id rather not see Ereshkigal be fighting him, dont wanna have her rattled like that
3/31 c15 26EternalKing
I’ll be honest, I usually don’t mind throwing in Japanese or japanglish in, but wtf is with the contradictions? Adding in constellars than saying Sacred in JPspeak is annoying and ruins the flow. You also can’t assume that people will straight up know their JP names. It’s just all around cringe to not make up your mind over if the characters are speaking Japanese, English, and how much the characters/SI know about the language, like the Hokuto case. There’s also the matter of spelling, regardless of using JP pronunciations, you can still get the same points across while using the EN spellings if your really that obsessed. Ie, Countā or Reverse instead of Kauntā. Though it’s really not necessary, using normal spellings than JP words like Hatsudo is more than enough for the readers to fill in the blanks without murdering their eyes.

This does seem better Than the OG version, but ill still say the OCs are the weakest part of this fic by far, especially the Kamen rider OC cards, but that one’s more personal than objective. That, along with the whole “you now take double damage!” From the beginning Because it’s tiring to see that effect so often easily win the duels for huge amounts of damage. Thankfully, i haven’t seen it make a reappearance, so if it shows up again it’ll feel earned, hopefully.

As for the better done things, the SI emotions from the beginning feel a lot more natural to say the least, even if he has to go through the protagonist charismatic speeches. The progression of explanations over dueling are also better and subtle, such as the first moment he fusion summons. He’s also lost a few of those cringe moments, like playing it serious when accusing Reiji of making the myth horrors. The relationship with the spirit monsters is also a lot more natural.

There’s also the extremely weaker moments, like trying to put too much real world logic without thinking about the Yugioh world’s circumstances of being a FANTASY, like Rune eyes dragon. Seriously, this world would have thousands if not more archetypes and cards than ours would. Just like Melodious monsters suddenly having fusions despite Yuzu not knowing how to or knowing of them, or how Season1’s/beginning yugioh fusions were scuffed and random, it shouldn’t be so hard to consider the concept of fusions and etc being able to show up based off of resolves and experiencing new summoning methods. Seriously. You’ve already brought up spirit monsters and decks responding to the duelist, how the hell is this any different? There’s also the latter of treating in game duel destruction as death. Spirit monster talking about a comrades death loses all meaning when it’s possible for them to be summoned. That’s not to say protecting monsters as the SI says or a spirit monster getting mad makes no sense, but the wording can be fixed to make it sound as if they aren’t speaking on such a permanent manner. The same goes for the constant “this is anime”. There are times when being self aware is just ruining the moment, and that happens each and every time here. The whole CCG just gets more annoying when you see how much of a big deal it really is on top of the spirit monsters.
3/15 c7 LegacySpellsword
I wish i could offer something for you to use though with all these mythorror monsters im really hoping for either Arjuna, Angra Maniyu, or even Artemis though it proly wont happen since i kinda see em in their fate forms, still im loving the dunamic so far and im excited to see more as i catch up and read along
3/9 c15 Reader2
I absolutely love what’s going on in this fanfic with suel spirts and the great war but tbere are some things I don’t like about Vince. Really liked the badass Vince vs Obelisk force and I hope he doesn’t fanboy over every legacy character. The Mythhorror deck is great I love the concept and wish it were real. Not sure how to feel about Demiurge though, he’s certainly interesting but I just don’t really see anything he could do that would be goid to read (antagonistic or not).

Read the last few chapters of the original and this one is definitely better. I do hope you cut back on the legacy characters.
2/27 c3 Hexylen
Petition for Ereshkigal to have her Rin face from Fate appearance instead, Eresh best goddess
2/25 c13 36Gundam-Knight-Chris
Okay, real talk: Why the fuck isn't Vince mad at the half-dead God for taking over his body without his permission? Know what, don't answer that, all gods are like that.

Arrogant pieces of crap.
2/24 c15 9Xager-the-Chaos-King
With the opening and closing thing... Honestly, please don't keep reposting them. They just bloat the word count and I just skip them since they don't contain anything crucial to the story. I want to read about Vince and his friends and their adventures, not some random intro and outro that I have to skip every two chapters or whatever. I'm here for the story. Not the 'anime experience'.

On a cheerier note, I enjoyed the duels, and I liked how Daphne was able to go 3 vs 1 against Security. Though, I still think they could've fought their way through 16 Security Thugs.
2/24 c15 1LucasVAMP
Great chapter my friend
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