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for Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: In a New World Redux

2/8 c9 7HunterHQ
You know given Obelisk Force only invaded Standard dimension once which was here, why didn’t they invade it again after the lancers went to Synchro dimension? Given Dennis was a spy he could inform Leo that Standard was unguarded. Also after they united synchro and saved xyz, fusion dimension never invaded them again. Wondered why they didn’t explore that opportunity in the anime.

Any plans for a ritual dimension?
1/26 c12 HunterHQ
Something to take note of Dr Kogami and Leo Akaba being similar in a way. They both in a way lead to disaster coming forth with Kogami creating the ignis and Lightning while Leo's solid vision lead to duels becoming more violent and thus Zarc. Both took radical approaches To try and address Their problems believing themselves for the greater good even if it meant causing some degree of chaos in the process which they knew no one would understand. In the end said disasters occurring despite their efforts.
1/19 c1 ArataTheKing
Love your story man. Been reading since the first one. Though i didn't realize this story has less than 1000 favorites. I swore this series was more popular with the: excellent grammar, interesting story points, great creativity with the cards. I thought this would be top story by now. God knows it should be. Anyway good looks man. Keep it up.
12/29/2021 c1 HunterHQ
Something I realised, the cause of the dimensions splitting was set in motion the day the crowd cheered Zarc on for injuring his opponent. What if they booed him instead what would the result be I wonder?

Also looking at real solid vision if it was misused it could have been turned into a weapon imagine people using duel monsters to wage war and attack others like Zarc did, or make virtual weapons too.

Side note it could also have been used like example creating cities or new land with minimal effort allowing colonisation of new areas or maybe even other planets. Wonder if it’s possible to make solid vision food or items to use, maybe even animals pets or even a solid vision soulmate for a person?
12/26/2021 c14 Guest
I get that you dont want Vince and serena to be ship but could I say Vince is the one who convince serena that dueling ways of acedamia is purely wrong and that has to change herself which has hidden connections between them even that old story you did. But what did manek do for serena just some guy jump between them and hes the one for her and vince did alot I'm just saying my piece I understand your decision
12/26/2021 c14 Hulala
Vince and his children moment. Exist.

Kylo Ren : MOAR!
12/25/2021 c14 Jason
When will u finish Overdrive?
12/25/2021 c14 ZarcEternal
Really good chapter, no duel but the plot was just great. Vince having to endure the teasing of his children was just too funny. So next chapter Synchro with "LDS best technicians" getting them in one place safely together. Sad that nobody said that Reiji and Vince jinxed the situation with their last talk.
Cannot wait to see the next arc
12/10/2021 c13 17Aira Aura
ahhhhhhhI love this version... ChildrenSoo cuteeee
12/4/2021 c1 M2R
ngl, I cringed everytime you use ore no turn or boku no turn
11/27/2021 c13 1DSpaceZ
Reiji went all out? I don't see no Zero monsters or God Reiji. XD
Also, was that a Destiny reference? I think i heard that once there. And i think Reiji was warning Vince regarding Demiurge, because while the two may be on good terms right now, doesn't mean Demiurge is a good person.
11/27/2021 c12 2Zeromk7
D/D/D Tyrant King Caligula. Eh ! Didn't think you would choose that King for D/D/D Ritual ! What inspired you to use Caligula and not Other Kings He will have his Ragnarok version and his High King Version ?
11/27/2021 c13 ZarcEternal
A really solid chapter, interesting how you left Reijis interrogation out this time. So Reiji trusts Vince enough this time to not reveal his non-existent life in Standard.
The duel was great, seeing Demiurge getting thrashed and the DDD Kings speaking truly was a highlight.
So next chapter is the beginning of Synchro, cannot wait to see how this will play out
11/19/2021 c12 dragon rose 11
nice chapter can't wait for more
11/8/2021 c10 Bchop
Wait vince and serena are not pairing up even show interest to each?! Well that's sucks
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