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for Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: In a New World Redux

2/14/2021 c8 ZarcEternal
Amazing chapter. Got I love the interaction between Vince and the Gods, hopefully he wont get a headache from all these strong beings bickering. So after Ereshkigal the next Fate Goddess appears in this story: Beast 2 aka Tiamat in her "weakest form". Will we ever see Tiamat in her dragon form? Probably wont but it would be funny seeing it. Happy to see you update again and I cannot wait to read more soon
12/14/2020 c7 green rose
hay its me deku rose i'v got a new reviewer name becuse i'v seen some one has bein using the name deku rose. strating now i'm green rose and for now on any one name deku rose is not me. if you can tale other authors this that wuld be cool.:)
11/24/2020 c7 AlterNetBeing
The first thought I had when I saw mythorrors was if angra mainyu would be a card in the deck for some reason, btw loving your story hope you keep writing it as you are rn.
11/18/2020 c7 ZarcEternal
Oh what a great chapter, really loved that new Ritual you showed, and yes Vince whenever somebosy invents something we have to give it a totally useless long name ;) The drama this episode was also good, getting hints on Soras darkness and on Reira ,nice giving her the ability to see Duel Spirits. The anime, like in multiple cases, just didnt give any explanation to her feeling the emotions of cards.

Cannot wait to see more
11/18/2020 c7 2Zeromk7
Okay. First: That was an Amazing duel and i love the interactions between Mythorror Monsters.
Second: That was a neat Level 12 Ritual monster. Im surprised you introduced it After i told you of Vince was going to use It. Nice move.
Third: Masked WarriorAccel can be considered a "cousin" of the Masked HEROes ?
Fourth: Will we see Vince use any Monster that make the duel keep going After the LP reach 0 ? Like in the anime several times.
Fifth: You are Amazing and i admire you. Keep going good man ! You have done a great Job !
11/17/2020 c7 5FairyTailNut
Bit of a shame but that is fine. Hoping Manek does not end up hating Vince over the accident in this version. Eager for the next chapter! (Especially since is the first story I read to update in over a month so THANK YOU!)
10/11/2020 c6 FairyTailNut
Great chapter! And ooh, think you might use some of the Earthbound Immortals when you get to Synchro Dimension? Sergei's Earthbounds were cool but I wish the Immortals would show. Maybe even have one transform into a Mythorror?
10/11/2020 c6 3SoulMatter
I have to say, this is most definitely an improvement to the old story. And honestly, by writing those dream sequences, the Mythorror Gods feel more like actual characters instead of just Vince's Duel Spirits.

...Genshin Impact is pretty freaking good. I have no regrets in downloading it. My Adventurer Rank is currently 17, not bad for only three days of having it, isn't it? What about yours?
10/10/2020 c6 2Zeromk7
Amazing chapter. Did you Plan ti add Ritual Summoning to Vince deck ? Cause It would be cool. Also where we can send our ocs ? Dm Is good ?
10/10/2020 c6 deku rose
cool update.:) can make so mythorror cards base off of the fallen angels in the book of enoch like kokabiel (whos name means star of god) or the sea monters like bahamut(not the d&d dragon)or the kraken? if not thats cool.
10/10/2020 c6 ZarcEternal
Nice little chapter, you made quite the changes to the former story. I like how Reiji isnt just ignoring everything that happened with Vince, but also remains suspicious about his true origin/intentions. Dont get me wrong but the old story was kinda lackluster in certain character aspects (like Reijis case). Glad to see you really rebranding this masterpiece.
Regarding Manek, I think its nice his return was the same as in the former story ,always makes me crack a smile seeing him run away from fangirls. His Deck Dopant is cool as always, even if I never watched Kamen Rider. Soooo all references there are lost on me.

One question at the end: Vince currently holds 5 Extra Deck Gods in his arsenal (2 gained through possession), will Demiurge unlock new ones for him? And does he need to possess him every time?
10/3/2020 c5 deku rose
cool story bro.:)
7/12/2020 c2 Kenrio
So he loses ... you lost a fan of your fic by being a idiot
7/12/2020 c5 icappas
Excellent duel! And it goes well with Persona 5 music
7/10/2020 c5 5FairyTailNut
How about a Mythorror based off of Azi Dahaka, a demon dragon who embodies corruption?
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