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for Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: In a New World Redux

12/28/2019 c1 1LucasVAMP
Myths Horros ? Like. Looking forward for the othe myths on this.
12/28/2019 c1 3Haoh Ryu Z-ARC
Okay, a fresh start to an old story, my day just got infinitely better! I recently started Overdrive at last (first chapter review coming soon btw), but obviously I had to leave that aside to have a look at this story first.

So yeah, there aren't any particular things that I didn't like. Vince's personality changed into the perfect mix between the obvious uncertainty someone who got isekai-ed would have and meme-ing around (to be fair, I would probably meme even harder, more about that somewhere below).

I also couldn't help but notice one particular sentence at the beginning, "I have no idea what shenanigans will be thrown at us". It's somewhat ambivalent and does probably not refer to Vince and Yuya friends since him and the canon characters weren't really acquainted at that point of time. So in my opinion it's either Vince breaking the fourth wall and including the readers or a reference to some certain alternate personas inside of Vince (in that case I'll tip my hat to you).

Now some random thoughts: When Sora attacked for the second time, I had in mind the following:

"Careful Sora, his LP are at 1000 now. He can use Storm Access now in order to get... Oh wait, wrong Yu-Gi-Oh Spinoff." Guess I got too much into Vrains recently.

What I also realized is that the premise of a freshly releasing Yu-Gi-Oh Anime that was mentioned in the "prologue" of this fic appears very similar to the current real life situation, as with Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens there is also the imminent start of a new Yu-Gi-Oh Spinoff in our world. Makes the reading experience somewhat better than compared to my first read of the original IANW, as strange as that sounds.

Now for the mystery fact section, I think there is something like that in many shonen anime, not just in Demon Slayer. I believe that the current season of Nanatsu no Taizai / Seven Deadly Sins has one too and others like Attack on Titan had a brief break in the middle of each episode where they presented some trivia (at least in Season 1). Anyway, I like your idea and I think it's a neat substitute for a Question of the Chapter. The mystery fact of this particular chapter clarifies an old question I used to ask myself, namely on the lack of pairing between Vince and another character. To express it figuratively:

Vince: *Looks at Yuzu for a second, immediately looks away again*
FBI Agent: What? Do you want a waifu? Too bad that I am here!
Vince: *Sweats in temptation*
FBI Agent: *Pulls down a hood* Afraid? Very understandable, young Sakushi! Just try it and you will experience the full power of the dark si... I mean the law! *Prepares hands to force lightning the crap out of Vince like Palps*

Star Wars and FBI memes aside, I can understand that now. Fours years is quite the age gap after all, leaving aside law issues.

On a similar note, I feel very different about Vince taking shelter at Yuzu's home than during my first read. Probably because I'm older now and think of different stuff than some years ago, who knows. I wouldn't be surprised if Vince accidentally walked in on something with that rather ... risky setting... In that case I might inform the local authorities real quick, as the FBI's range of influence unfortunately ends past the boarders of the United States. Also Yuya should be worried of losing his waifu a little, were it not for the age gap and the thus decreasing risk. On a different note, with him being 18 that means that he would enter the Senior Tournament of the Maiami CS. Can't quite remember if he was in said group during the original version of IANW, but in case he wasn't, don't forget about that detail.

Finally since you exchanged the QOTC for Mystery Facts, let me compensate for the lack of the former! So Question of the Chapter to myself: What would you do if you were isekai-ed into a Yu-Gi-Oh Anime, particularly Arc-V?

Well, that would require for a simple twenty step program:

Step 1: Check whether I have my binders/staple card boxes with me. If yes, skip to Step 3.
Step 2: Get some staple cards
Step 3: Prepare to duel somebody in a plot-related environment like the Maiami CS or the Dimensional War and research their deck
Step 4: Put 3 Dimensional Barrier and/or Anti-Spell Fragrance in Main Deck
Step 5: Flip Dimensional Barrier/Anti-Spell Fragrance and in case of the former declare whatever Extra Deck Method the opponent mostly uses
Step 6: Profit
Step 7: Now that I can handle myself in duels, go achieve something else
Step 8: Check whether I was aged down sufficiently. If the answer is no, skip to Step 11
Step 9: Since I am now outside the influence that is the great force known as the FBI, go hit on some Bracelet Girl. If somebody forced me to play Action Duels and run around in a fictional world, might as well get a waifu after all. Also Yu-Gi-Oh almost never commits into romance between the MC and female lead, so I mostly have a free go there
Step 10: Select Bracelet Girl based on circumstances. Rin and Ruri are a little bit too hard to get to and I do not begrudge Yugo and Yuto their girls, so it would probably not be them. Yuzu, while I am not particularly fond of Yuya, I would probably not touch either, be it just to prevent myself from having to save her for the entirety of my playthrough/journey. Serena is honestly the best option there, as I wouldn't be stealing anyone's girl and with her being able to stand up for herself. Bonding and giving any dueling related advice would be a difficult matter though. I can already imagine the arguments; "Don't try to tell me what cards I should exchange to improve my deck! It's already perfect the way it is! I know because I'm a former Academia Student!" - "And I am a TCG Player! And this TCG Player says that your deck is a brick fiesta, so take out those stupidly situational cards!" Really fancy stuff, you name it
Step 11: Figure out the plot of the thing if I somehow lost memory. Probably not spoil the Zarc mystery to everyone, I want to see that sh*t go down. Continue to profit by abusing various staple cards. Get a better deck if I started out with something horrific.
Step 12: Find I way to get a Starve Venom. I don't know, copy it somehow without getting close to Yuri. I want to style on those enemy boards with Super Poly.
Step 13: Remember not to use Super Poly as a generic out to various boards while in proximity to Shun Kurosaki. Ironic, because I could use it very well against Raidraptors who are all DARK
Step 14: Make sure Yuto doesn't die. He needs screentime
Step 15: Make a capitalism joke while in the Synchro Dimension. Like the one I did in Dawn of Twilight
Step 16: Put a Kaiju on Ultimate Falcon. I want to see Shun's face when that happens
Step 17: Get through Synchro and Xyz without landing in an underground working facility or underneath a pile of rubble. Make sure that my waifu isn't stolen by jealous Leo
Step 18: Make it to the end of Fusion, get the hitotsu ni thing going, then get an autograph from my namesake. Live to see some more Supreme King Main Deck Monsters than we ended up getting
Step 19: Let plot armor and the Anti-Spell Fragrance/Dimensional Barriers kick in. Maybe put a Kaiju on Haoryu Zarc. Style on my namesake and complete the storyline
Step 20: Profit to the maximum

Anyway, that's it for today. I'll be sure to haunt Overdrive next, so stay tuned for that!
12/28/2019 c1 3SoulMatter
The screen lit up, showing Soul comparing the rewritten version's first duel with the original version. "So this was replaced by that, and this by that... Huh, Level Mania became Upper Sky of Aether? Interesting."

Blinking, he noticed that the camera was recording. "Whoa! Oh yeah, I forgot!" He chuckled sheepishly. "Sorry, sorry. Still, this was a nice chapter! What I don't really get was replacing Niebla with Huldra, but no complaints about that!"

He smiled. "Vince explaining the lore of Yamatochi was something interesting. I liked that." He grinned sheepishly. "And as soon as I received the notification that you had published this fic, I came as fast as possible! So, see ya next time!"

The screen faded into black, as the video ended.
12/28/2019 c1 ZarcEternal
Okay a nice reload. The scenes were mostly the same but well a reload is not a new story so we will have to read further to see your new aspects. Hope you will be satisfied with this new work and create another masterpiece like Overdrive (but nobody beats my "Tsundere" Erika ;) )

Even if its late Happy Zarcmas and happy New Year to all who read this.
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