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for Mirror on the Wall

2/6 c4 Dk676
Places continue its great so far
1/20 c4 Guest
Great stuff more soon please
8/25/2020 c4 brachiosaurus
as with any of your works, this one is simply marvelous! moar please!
8/10/2020 c1 TravelingRoxas
jesus christ are you guys toxic...

8/3/2020 c4 Kingkong101
This did not play out well.
7/18/2020 c4 Klaus
You're an ape, go back to africa
7/16/2020 c4 Gamma-X
Good fic so far, and can't wait to see more.
Though, you got an error; you keep writing "Konohakagure" when its "Konohagakure."
I especially love the back and forth between Temari and Naruto.
Keep up the good work~

Ja Ne~!
7/15/2020 c3 Gamma-X
This is awesome. Can't wait to see Ohnoki's face! xD
7/11/2020 c4 NiggerSlayer
Fuck nigger, fuck black lives matter, who gives a shit about a fucking nigger monkey? Anyway all lives matter
7/11/2020 c4 Trane671
hate to tell you but saying no lives matter until a black one does is stupid that's why its #alllivesmatter I like your story but your the one that should jump off a cliff and suck a dick with all that bs your saying
6/29/2020 c4 Hugo0974
Wow, you realy state your point...
Good luck with your stupid. Im done.
6/23/2020 c4 kevkills777
Just for the AN you're now my favorite author fuck the racist comment made by that random guest dude he's a real idiot
6/12/2020 c4 GamerX568
The Defund the Police thing is stupid because not all Police are like the ones that did those things. However, I do agree with the other 2 hashtags
6/8/2020 c4 Guest
Well after that racist comment I promise you I'll never read anything else you're right and I'm not even White
6/7/2020 c4 Guest
First off I couldnt care the fuck less. All lives do matter bitch but guess what the cops where wrong but all you crybaby bitch getting violent and racist and burning down white own and built private stores will be handled no matter what. Niggers are some of if not the worst race of human trash on this. Niggers kill niggers all day long and you stupid bitches don't pull this shit so just shut the fuck up no one gives a fuck people are fed the fuck up with stupid fucks like you your ignorant arrogant stupid and retarded as fuck. So when the military and white civilians start shoot to fucking kill because you stupid fucks can't do anything fucking right do me a favor and fucking die all of America ever person who is tired of you racist pig shit stains and black lives matter and antififa trash have a gun on them fully loaded in their own and own person we will fucking shoot to kill your stupid ass. Rubber bullets are the first option you dumb ass are fuck stupid retards racist ape fucking twits that play the racist card but your people are the most racist and hateful piles of dog shit alive rubber bullets first bitch next will be the fucking real shit you stupid fuck
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