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5h c8 SilverIceRing
Wow. Just wow. You perfectly captured not only King's attitude, but also his absurd luck. If Naofumi could see the guy, he'd be pulling his hair out and calling bullshit on just how everything seems to fall into place for him - although he probably couldn't imagine how much King pays for said luck with constant stress and unseen fear. If his heart wasn't so amazing he'd probably be dead from a heart attack by now.

Still, a story wouldn't be fun without some character development, and you've certainly shown hints of it! From the satisfaction he felt when Raphtalia proclaimed her gratitude to him rushing headfirst into danger instead of moving to run away. He still wishes he could, but there's progress nonetheless! Now he just needs to realize his "flailing around" really did save lives and it wasn't just coincidence (more like blind luck) and that his presence really does make things better even if he doesn't feel like it. Then he can start accepting his situation a little and perhaps make use of his godly luck.

Just... Not for a while yet. His flailing is still funny after all.
18h c8 5thewolfgod99

oh wait I had caps lock lol
3/2 c8 13tarious123
I freaking love this story. Man, King sure can’t catch a break, huh?
3/2 c8 TeraBaapBSDK
Continuation of previous comment:
I should put some dirt in my own eye. I was 1 week late.
2/25 c8 Guest
*snorts* the screaming hero strikes again but ... Does he still get filo though?
2/27 c8 llaube
2/25 c8 Guest
Good chapter.
2/27 c8 Tomateto4
This fanfiction is so bloody well done. Absolutely love it, thank you so much for making this.
2/25 c8 Guest
I hope it's a dragon egg because can you imagine how people would respond to him and it. King the dragon master;) LoL
2/24 c8 Guest
This is how you do a crossover right here.
2/24 c8 Guest
I love how King doesn't need the Shield of Rage or the Wrath Series in your Story. King has the powers of bullshit and luck on his side. For now, anyway. I won't give spoilers, but King will one day live up to his reputation. King will become the Strongest.
2/24 c8 Gst
Great chapter bro, keep spirit.
2/26 c8 W8W
Very nice chapter.

It is funny how King is unaware of his own exploits. Unlike in his home here he really do things people claim him to do (only by accident instead of deliberately like people assume). Shield hero is pragmatic and is excited about magic (why wouldn't he).

Even queen was deceive although she can't be blamed with information’s she have. Her breakdown was funny. So Melty is sent to smooth things with King. I wonder if he will be worrying about her mental illness taking under account her family track record.

I am happy that King acknowledge growing stronger even if he underestimate himself and is extremely cautious. Blind luck making fool from shadow was great.

Part about Slave trader was interesting and give us hope for saved munger to join team. It may be interesting plot.

King may be paranoid but he isn't stupid. Asking kid about people was nice move that made act fall apart. This guy luck is incredible but avalanche is clever solution. He may be repeating what he read in manga and have clear conscience about killing people but it is incredibly effective at the end. I suspect that we see some future allies.

It look like Filo will debut in next chapter. I am really curious what will be his attitude about her before and after she transform.
2/25 c8 7zhoujianto12
Marvelous as ever!

Isekai Roman Torchwick vs Murderous Raphtalia with Berserk-like situation...
Bloody entertaining.
2/25 c8 Thanh Hi
This is one the best chapter ever of the series
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