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7h c46 Guest
It would be interesting if a glitch occurred just as Sora is about to start his battle with Data Xion and has to instead fight the data version of Master Xehanort. Perhaps you can have All Might admit that he himself would be unable to defeat Master Xehanort. Just a suggestion.
1/24 c46 1TheBeatles211
Hahaha! The battle against Demyx was probably the most hilarious fight in the exams so far. It was funny seeing how agitated Jiro got because of Demyx’s immature and laidback personality.

You also did a good job on Hagakure discovering her light refraction capabilities. In the anime she just whipped out the ability during the Licensing Exam with no explanation on how she discovered it. So it was nice to at least get an explanation on how and when she learned she could do it. Although I’m surprised Xigbar didn’t try to play mind games with them for a bit longer. Maybe it’s because he knew it didn’t matter since he wasn’t the REAL Xigbar? So far it seems like Young Xehanort and Xigbar are the only data copies that are self-aware. The other members seem to think that they were just given a mission by the Organization. Although it’s unknown if Terranort was self-aware since he was so focused on having Tokoyami get corrupted by darkness. The members left that might show signs of self-awareness are Xemnas, Ansem, Vanitas, and possibly Dark Riku or Roxas. But I’m kind of wondering why the self-aware data copies act surprised when they are brought into the datascape. Don’t they remember the times Sora was acting as a Beta-Tester for the Simulations? Are their memories reset after the simulation ends?

And Mineta did surprisingly well against Larxene. I know you said that the students that pass or fail would remain the same as canon, but I couldn’t really figure out how pull it off without Sero. I’m still wondering how Kendo will succeed against Luxord while Monoma will fail. My best theory so far is that he tries to copy Luxord’s “quirk”, but then gets disqualified for trying to use it to cheat in the game. Luxord may be the dealer, but the rules of the game still apply to him just like the players. So it would make sense that there’d be a penalty if someone found a way to cheat. Anywho, I wish you good luck with your writing and I hope to see the next update soon. And remember to stay healthy and to stay safe.
1/21 c46 6ryan456
wonder what quirk Xion they will say Xion will have will it be based on the data battle version or will it be like her fight in kingdom hearts were it seems like she copies Saix ability well I cant wait to find out
1/19 c1 Guest
I’m so happy these chapters have been released weekly
1/18 c46 2Yumi Edogawa
Thanks for the update :) I enjoyed the fights and look forward to Izuku and Katsuki's next.
1/16 c46 CrossEdgeX7
The content is good. I'm really excited to see what comes next. I hope there are changes, even if it's small, could actually make a significant impact to the story. eg: 1. That one secret boss 2. Someone who's a secret admirer to Sora 3. The next arcs that could separate from the original story. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed writing this fanfic. If you intend on writing it the way you want,I won't be mad. Because it's already good in my eyes.
1/16 c46 6gundam 09
I don't know how they are going to beat Saix, but I'll say this, then really need to work together.

By the way, maybe after they win, can like not let them leave the datascape just yet and let Saix talk to them about being similar to him and Lea.

Please make the next chapter soon.
1/16 c46 Guest
Good chapter! I liked how you kept the Organization members in character, especially Demyx; the way he tried to get out of fighting Jiro and Koda was totally him! Though it is troubling that Xigbar realized that he wasn't real, just like Young Xehanort; are other Organization members going to realize that they are just data, like say Xemnas and Ansem? Regardless I liked this chapter! Keep up the good work and stay safe from the coronavirus!
1/16 c46 EnderKitty68
Not gonna lie I was hoping Larxene would win XD
1/15 c28 Wickerstein
I'm starting to get the feeling that you're giving Sora too much focus.
1/15 c46 1keybladelight
I hope data master xehanort appear for sora to rematch his arch nemesis.
1/15 c46 7
Oh Baku and midori against siax
1/15 c46 7HolyMage Mouto
I'm kinda sad that Demyx (and Xigbar I guess) didn't get announcements from Present Mic.

Otherwise I'm looking forward to the next chapter and 1-B's fights.

Good luck, have fun, and stay safe.
1/15 c46 6Blazblade
Can Saix verbally rip into Bakugo's ego and even question why Izuku bothers trying to be friends with him again or why he still calls him that nickname he has for him? Maybe even ask if he would bother fighting for a society that has such glaring flaws that will cause more like Shigaraki to appear and make normal people not even bother to lift a finger for others and relys on heroes for everything. Maybe even ask if Izuku would even do anything to fix it or make a change for the better.

Frankly I hope Saix gives Bakugo a beatdown verbally and physically while not caring about what the brat believes.
1/15 c46 1Wizardwolf 1020
Honestly, Deku and Bakugous exam should end the same in that they need to get through the exit gate instead of beating their enemy. It’s an important lesson for them (specifically Bakugou) to learn to retreat when up against an opponent they can’t beat. Bakugou certainly needs to learn this because currently he is completely against the idea of retreating or running from anyone as he views it as something only weaklings will do. He also needs to accept that there are people out there other than All Might that can beat him as he views everyone besides All Might as extras that are beneath him even though Sora has proven his superiority multiple times. Bakugou needs to realize that he has a long way to go if he wants to surpass All Might because of the fact that he’s struggling against a guy that’s been nerfed who has also been defeated by Sora single handedly, that alone would do a great job of opening his eyes and breaking the superiority complex he has. It’ll also help Deku learn to stop relying on being given time to plan and think as while he was able to beat Stain with Todoroki and Iida, much of that is due to the fact that Stain let Deku live rather than kill him due to the whole proving he’s worthy thing. If Stain didn’t care about if Deku was worthy or not he would’ve just killed Deku right then and there and be done with it, instead he allowed Deku ample time to observe and realize how his quirk works which led to his downfall. In the coming fight, Deku will have to start thinking on his feet and fighting at a moments notice because he’s against an opponent who’s power isn’t clear cut as well as doesn’t give him time to think or strategize because he’s on the attack. Pretty much all of Deku’s past fights before this essentially had this moment in time that allowed him to think and come up with a plan, now he needs to learn to stop overthinking and be ready to act quickly as well as not stumble in case something unexpected happens.
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