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2h c14 1shadyxlr
Welp I am kind of wondering if MHA has a Disney theme park and I would love to see Sora's reaction to it lol...
10h c79 19magical fan18
It's a good idea, there has been a lack of Limit attacks that involve another person; I can just see Sora using some of his spells to boost and help augment the Quirks of the 1A classmates.
11h c79 Guest
Woohoo! So, if Sora keeps creating Ultimate Combos with his classmates, he'll improve his powers? Awesome! Good job with having the Data Vanitas being updated so Sora can train against him! I look forward to seeing more creative combos, as well as more of this fantastic story! Keep up the great work and stay safe from the coronavirus! P.S., If I come up with an Ultimate Combo Move, I will be sure to include it in a review!
12h c79 1Xerayn
I definitely missed this! Enjoyable as always, a welcome surprise too. I was looking forward for your interpretation of the ultimate moves since the climax of Kamino. As for Sora's teamups, I had an idea of improving Sora's overall form and combat finesse with Ojiro possibly. Thanks for continuing writing!
12h c79 Karma007
Always a treat to see the story continuing, and a new chapter published, so cheers to you dude. As for powers for sora to combined with, I feel like any kind of ultimate combo with deku would be saved for the rescue ark. I know in the series they explained the three types of quirks, but I can remember all of them. Anyhow sora would most likely focus on "energy" based powers.
13h c78 aj89925
I'm not saying I didn't like the latest chapter of this fic by the way. I love ALL of them. Also sorry for posting on the previous chapter. I can't post two reviews on the same chapter.
14h c79 aj89925
"I'm Tenya Iida!" The Class rep angrily spoke to her. "The man you tricked into being a walking advertisement during the Sports Festival!"
Uh... when did that happen in *this* version, cause Hatsume never made to the tournament part thus she never fought against Iida.
14h c79 1TheBeatles211
Well I’m certainly looking forward to seeing the next 2-3 chapters. I wonder what kind of moves Sora will create with his other classmates. I’m also curious to see what Vanitas will do with the other LoV while this is going on. Anywho, I wish you good luck with your writing and I hope to see the next update soon. And remember to stay healthy and stay safe.
14h c79 4Gamelover41592
excellent work on this chapter and the training seems to be going well, also welcome back :)
15h c79 ThanosGaming
Have you tried the similar Limit Breaks from KH2? And also the Limit Commands in Limit Form (Second Form) such as Arcanum, Ragnarok, Sonic and Raid?

Denki - 6 Million Volts Burst
Shoto - Diamond Dusts, Raging Hellstorm and/or FrostFire Thermoequilibrium
Tenya - Recipro Speedster Rocketeer (Aladdin Inspired)
Ochako - Zero Grav Whirlga (this was supposed to base on the Zero Graviga spell with a hint of WhirlGoofga)
Izuku - Scala ad Smash (Combo like Simba and Beast)
Katsuki (doubt) - Atomic Bombardier (similar to Mulan)
Lastly... Eijiro - Unbreakable Titan (similar to Goof Smash in Re:CoM )
6/27 c78 Guest
I really like it, but we need more. I have reread it like three times already but still. One thing I will say is I feel like you captured the image of Sora really well.
6/24 c78 Guest
I really love this story and how you've written the characters, they all match their canon personalities. Not wanting to pressure you but please release the next chapter soon, favorite fanfic ever.
6/21 c78 1Starslayer122
This is amazing
6/16 c78 Guest
“Do none of you remember what happened the last time you competed with each other?" Sora reminded them. "You made us lose our meat eating privileges at the training camp! And on top of that, I had to sleep in the girls cabin!”

“Wait what?” Tetsutetsu questioned.

“It’s complicated Tetsutetsu.” Kendo said.
6/15 c78 Guest
I think you should give Sora a Buzz Lightyear heart binder for the next chapter as well
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