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for After the Dates: Danny and Violet

16h c27 1Ultimatrix bearer
Invisibility plus intangibility equals easy invasion of privacy.

6/15 c1 Mult1verseTravl3r
6/13 c27 77DJ Rodriguez
Thank you for the update here!

It seems that much activity is going on in Metropolis, but also with the various superheroes and heroines as well. You really did the battle scenes well here, and I have to say this here, this story is worth making into a comic series!

Danny and Vi seem to be going strong, but Fenton/Phantom seems to be in the crosshairs of certain individuals due to secret identity issues and such. I can only hope the best for him and his lady love.

Awesome work as usual! Keep it up!
6/12 c27 Leonardo
Espero que Nelson Deavor tenha a oportunidade de aparecer futuramente , talvez em uma possível série animada de "Os Incríveis" .
Achei muito baixo Batman decidir descobrir a identidade secreta da Invisigirl para chantagear Danny , quando isso não era necessário . Seria legal se Danny revelasse que sabe a identidade do Cavaleiro das Trevas , e quando ele perguntasse como o Menino Fantasma descobriu , Danny dissesse algo como "Não sabia , joguei verde com aquela teoria do meu pai que Batman é Bruce Wayne pra ver se colhia maduro" .
6/12 c27 9pokemon fan 1991
Deadpool now this is getting interesting

I agree with you DP. Anyway this was a good chapter

This is Deadpool and PFN signing off

Chester a Bum luiz4200 do you got any change
6/12 c27 William Escobar 608
1) Tucker se volverá LOCO cuando se enteré que Winstor Deavor compro Lexcorp.

2) No puedo creer que Batman allá caído TAN bajo como para CHANTAJEAR a Danny con la identidad secreta de Violeta.

3) Que bueno que Danny encontro pruebas contra Luthor.

4) ¿Cuantos años tienen Danny y Violeta 15 o 16 años?.
6/12 c27 6Jebest4781
Doing well here and I wish you luck on the upcoming progress.
6/12 c27 4danifan3000
I wonder how old Dash parr is? Makes me wonder if he and Dani would start dating at some point.

I hope Luthor will finally be put in his place since in most of canon, the times when Lex is stopped is when he dies.
6/12 c27 9LockAndKey989
"Because it'd be a violation of Luthor's right to private meetings with his lawyers." Rick explained.

6/12 c27 3RonaldM40196867
Deadshot is down.

Does Rick have a big role?
6/12 c27 4Monster King
6/9 c25 4Major Simi
Well pretty good chapter
5/22 c26 Leonardo
Foram gratas surpresas o capítulo novo e as participações de Makoto e dos pais de Marinette .
Lamento dizer , mas não sei o motivo de Tucker mencionar exatamente os três vilões com exemplos de inimigos do Batman .
Sobre o Capítulo 24 , as referências são tão boas que gosto de todas .
5/22 c26 djinn
great new chapter, my guess Joker is Batman's main antagonist, Penguin and Two-Face are heads in the underworld all three are geniuses in their own right Two-face from a legal and persuasive perspective, Penguin in business and rounding up multiple power houses and finally Joker being virtually unpredictable makes them among Batman's greatest foes.
5/23 c26 77DJ Rodriguez
Now this was short but very much cool! Thanks for the update!

Lita comes in on the scene, and it seems that Violet is going to need to learn some Japanese language and such when it comes to translations. But it seems to be going well for the dates... until Firefly burns in! I have to admit, never expected that unusual Gotham villian to be there.

And after taking care of business, the date goes on pretty good.

I have to say, this was one good chapter! Keep it up!
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