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for After the Dates: Danny and Violet

6/18 c17 1Zoomedin
I'm guessing that you're attempting to lead into a scene where maybe Danny really shows his full innermost feelings? Anyway again I like that for the most part everyone excepts Danielle really well, with some exceptions. The dr. Sunbright scenes are also kinda sweet. As for Sam, oy I just hope she learns from the events to come! I also do admit the girl Danny joke is the sorta clever. Ever heard of Offbeat Kiki? YouTube trans reviewer? They said that there is a very strong Danny Phantom fanbase with trans viewers thanks to certain episodes and moments. This review was very cool, it's long like past a hour, but if you have the time, it's worth checking out. Anyways I'm happy with the growing cast, I'm sure there's some exciting plans for what's next! Also it's only fair that I tell you even though I already heard that the the stories are finished, I'm gonna just pretend in some of my reviews that it's all new. I mean it's to me anyway. Anyways just try not to spoil my fun because I don't want to find things out too fast. Okay well even if I don't love this chapter, it definitely has an amazing title! Once again good luck with all your work!
6/3 c16 Zoomedin
Wow, great chapter! I like how you added on more characters and created a fun fight scene at the assembly! Lots of silly moments with Paulina, box Ghost, and Violet telling Danny not to make her clothes disappear! This made me laugh a lot! I'm glad Dani feels comfortable around Violet. The two of them in conflict would be ugly in my opinion. Very good job, looking forward to what's next! Also I'm glad we're getting along now. I'm looking forward to filling you in on a couple of my projects, when I have time!
3/5 c40 Leonardo
Estou feliz que mais um spin-off de "The Many Dates of Danny Fenton" foi concluído .
3/6 c40 84DJ Rodriguez
Thanks for the update here!

It seems that Danny and Violet's class reunions come off as good and awkward at the same time. Some things never change, like between Paulina and Sam's rivalry, so to speak. But it seems that things are turning out well for the families, and I do hope that it continues on.

All in all, not too bad! Keep it up!
3/5 c40 2461394
Good story
3/5 c40 8LockAndKey989
Cute ending
3/5 c40 8Jebest4781
Decent chapter here. Keep up the good work
3/5 c40 4Monster King
Awesome work
3/5 c40 3RonaldM40196867
I should get emergency fudge.

Happy March!

Thanks for inspiring me to avoid my class reunion.

I love your work.

Would you want super powers?

Paulina never grew up, did she?
2/19 c39 84DJ Rodriguez
Thanks for the update here! Well worth the wait!

So it seems that Danny and Violet have tied the knot, with many of their friends, families and acquaintances seeing such a wonderful and beautiful event! I wish the newly minted wife and husband the very best together!

Also, I hope to see you read and review my crossover. I finished it some days ago, well the Book One part of it that is.

Keep it up!
2/19 c39 William Escobar 608
1) Wow, dejabu!.

2) Le doy la razón a Dead pool, Sam tardo CASI 16 AÑOS EN MADURAR para que deje de ACOSAR ENFERMAMENTE a Danny y de intentar COMPARAR a Violeta con alguien tan ASQUEROSA como ELLA.

3) Al menos Dash y Paulina NO arruinaron este día especial de Danny y Violeta, MENOS SAM.
2/19 c39 8LockAndKey989
2/19 c39 Leonardo
Assistiu o episódio "Risk" ? Se sim , qual é a sua opinião sobre a verdadeira natureza de Adrien Agreste ?
2/19 c39 8Jebest4781
Looking pretty well here. Keep up with the good work.
2/19 c39 4danifan3000
So Lila somehow managed to get hold of the butterfly miraculous? How'd Lila pull that off? Marinette and Adrian are for some reason the only ones that can see through Lila's bull****.

I kind of hope the idea of Adrian being a setimonster like the show keeps implying ends up being a red haring because Emilie's ring would be a serious Achilles heel.
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