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for The World Over Phoenix

12/12/2020 c4 Guest
Hurry up!
11/20/2020 c4 White wall
This was alright. You got some amazing ideas, but you suck at putting it to good use.
11/7/2020 c4 Author is trash
You took way too long my man. You really don't know what you are doing isn't. You got some great ideas, you just need to execute them right. Dio jumping around different places was very irrelevant. But this was interesting a bit, but also disappointing.
11/7/2020 c4 7D3vilB4sket
not gonna lie...this is trash
11/6/2020 c4 4Chronosign
I'm the kind of guy that can come up with a good plot, I'm just bad at laying it out.
11/6/2020 c4 kerrowe
Wonder what's with the scene flipping. It's a bit weird right now. It's a weird mix of possibilities right now.

Bet things would have been harder if that vampire Dio started with the freezing ice tricks right off the bat.

A glimpse of heaven. The place he made plans for to be reached. Haha.

Is it time traveling now? Or is it just teleportation. Hm.
11/5/2020 c3 BongoCatKing
When is this story coming back?
9/15/2020 c3 Wanking anal
Fucking update, you sexy beast.
8/12/2020 c3 Jojo is gay
You made Dio like a bitch. I like your concept tho. You taking too long to update
7/26/2020 c3 Guest
Seeing Dio in this new light is terrible. I agree with some of the other reviewers.

Amnesia doesn't affect the personality!
Try and fix Dio, please.
I understand that this is your story.

This story does have great potential.

I can't wait to see, what will happen next!
7/24/2020 c3 MassDestruction666
DIO is proud to his very bones. He is ambitious, cocky, strong, superior in every sense. Just having amnesia will never change someone's personality. Even if you format a drive its size stays same. I know it a lame comparison but I hope you get the point. Even if he was wiped clean then he would never blush. Either he stays mostly same or he doesn't even know birds and bees. Trying to make THE DIO a HORMONAL TEENAGER is never gonna workout. He can become a good guy even with his personality. Many MC have WAY WORSE personality but they are good in the end. I doubt it would get any better but, well, do your worst.
7/6/2020 c3 Kno Gio Da
This is good, so far...

I really dislike Dio being OOC

Joestar Sinner? Huh? What the Fuck is going on?

What the hell is that sword?

Ravel and Dio, are they in the same world? Different time? Different universe? Alternate reality?

I'm guessing it's vampire Dio in the end of this chapter?
6/29/2020 c3 Kerrowe
Though just noticed. The environment shifted to the manor, and it seems intact... now I wonder... how far in Part 1 has the Johnathan injured on the floor gone in his life?
Past, middle or after his own adventure?
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